This package is incompatible with this version of macOS.

SideSync is a new PC-Mobile solution that enables screens, windows, and data to be shared easily. Share between a PC and a Galaxy smartphone, or between a Galaxy Tab and Galaxy smartphone.
But Samsung SideSync 4.7 incompatible Catalina.

Catalina software incompatibly issue is due to shifted x64 bit. may be this software is not supported x64 bit.

humm thanks for providing useful information.
@zareen please check that one and try to use this way!

@moaaz it disables some protections, but this is not permanent.

The first step (SIP) can be re enabled via the command " csrutil enable " in terminal while in recovery mode once you’re done installing.
The second step (read only bypass) is reactivated automatically once you reboot your computer.

That being said, do this at your own risk (as stated in the video).


this solution may be crate the security issue?

Hello @zareen

I’ve found a way to force the installation of older packages on Catalina, maybe give it a try :


The package is trying to install content to the system volume. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.

error code?