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    Assignment # 05
    Research Design/Methodology
    Research design provides solid or concrete foundation to the study. Quality and value of the research report depends upon how precisely and accurately the data is collected, processed, analyzed and interpreted so that fruitful conclusions may be drawn out of it.
    You are required to write on the below mentioned headings depending upon the nature of your research under study;
    1.1 Type of Research: (Quantitative or Qualitative)
    1.2 Research Paradigm: (Positivistic, Constructive or Pragmatic). Justify the selection of
    research paradigm based on inductive or deductive reasoning approach.
    1.3 Nature of Research Study: (Descriptive, Exploratory or Explanatory)
    1.4 Data Collection Sources: (Describe all the primary and secondary sources used for data
    1.5 Data Collection Tools/Instruments:
     Which tools are used for data collection (Questionnaire, Interviews, Archival analysis, observation, content analysis etc.)
     Why a particular tool is selected?
     Will you use multiple tools for data collection? If yes, provide justification. 1.6 Subjects/Participants:
     What is the target population?
     Which sampling frame is used? (Based on scope of study)
     What is the sample size?
     What type of sampling technique is used? And Why?
    1.7 Data Processing, Analysis Techniques and Interpretation:
    This assignment is ONLY for those students whose Topic has been APPROVED Wish you Best of Luck!!!
    SPT730 (Fall 2019)
     Mention the methods used to extract and process the information gathered
     Transcription/Codification of the data (Based on type of study)
     Software used to process the data (SPSS, AMOS, NVivo etc.)
     Analysis technique (Regression, Correlation, Analytic Induction, Thematic
    Analysis, Comparative analysis etc.)

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