MGT201 Quiz 4 Solution and Discussion

Opening Date: Feb 07, 2020 12:00 AM
Closing Date: Feb 11, 2020 11:59 PM

Under “cliental effect”, ________ investors invest in high dividend stocks while __________investors invest in low dividend stocks. MGT201
Income, growth

The extent to which fixed cost used in firm’s operations is known as: MGT201 Financial leverage

Which of the following is instrument to be traded in money market? MGT201
Bank deposit certificate

Suppose a firm makes 50% of sales on 40 day credit and 50% on 30 day credit; what will be average collection period (ACP) of the firm? MGT201
100 days

If a firm has ROE < rE, then what impact dividend payout would have on its share price? MGT201
Share price will rise

How can firms improve their average collection period (ACP)? MGT201
By imposing charges on early payments

If there is no relationship between prices of two stocks, then the value of their correlation coefficient is: MGT201
Non of given

When EBIT to total assets ratio is greater then the interest cost then Financial leveraged is: MGT201

____________ refers to the use of debt to acquire additional assets in the business. MGT201
Business risk

Which of the following is a way to raise equity capital? MGT201
Issuance of common stocks

Q#1: The major objective of planned change in the organizations is ______________.

Q#2: which of the following is not considered as a driving force of internal change?

Q#3: All of the following are problem-focused coping strategies that individuals use to deal with sources of Stress EXCEPT:

Q#4: The degree to which the tasks are subdivided into separate job is the major characteristic of which element of organizational structure?

Q#5: An employee in administrative department spent first two days in customer dealing and enquiries, next two days in handling reception area, and entered data for last day of the week.Which of the following work redesign option describes the above situation?

Q#6: When lower-level personnel provide more input or are actually given the discretion to make decisions? It is called:

Q#7: The acts of employees like Playing online games, chatting, and use of official internet for personal purpose during official hours is:

Q#8: Comparing and aligning organization’s requirements to the skills and abilities of its employees are performed through:

Q#9: All of the following are the characteristics common to all organizations EXCEPT:

Q#10: Which of the following does not represent the option for work redesign?