Virtual University of Pakistan
CS718 – Wireless Networks
Fall 2019
Assignment No. 2
Marks: 50
• The purpose of this assignment is to urge you to read, understand and analyze the latest research in wireless networks
• Be precise. Give specific answers in points. No need to give long paragraph. Write as per your understanding from the paper. Do NOT paste text from attached document; it is cheating.
• Cheating from any source will be awarded “F” grade.
• It is individual assignment. Each student has to submit separately.
• Please submit assignment only in MS word format. No other format is acceptable.

Please read the attached paper “Technologies and challenges in developing Machine-to-Machine applications: A survey” and answer the following questions:

Question 1 20
Which are the basic challenges pointed out by the authors for deployment of machine to machine communications in a 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) LTE network?
Question 2 20
Analyse the issues in SigFox as discussed in this paper. You have to write as per your understanding.
Question 3 10
Suppose you want to develop an M2M application. Which are things/challenges that must be considered while development.