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    Step By Step Tutorial How to use Cyberian.pk
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    1. User must be Login/Register to post any topic, reply, discussion, upvote, downvote, etc.
    2. You are unable to access like search and other feature data without login.
    3. Let suppose you need to post a New Topic Discussion in CS101 please follow these steps.
    4. New TopicTab as shown in Top of each Categories
    5. A popup window will be opened as seen above picture.
    6. Enter your topic title here…
      Please follow these rules, for topic approval.
    • Subject Code Like CS101

    • Assignment 1, Quiz 1, GDB 1 etc
      (Use like “CS101 Assignment 1 Solution and Discussion”)

    • Your content should be relevant to the topic and categories.

    • After content box you will see the Tag, where you can put max 5 tags, like
      CS101, Assignment 1, Solution, Discussion, Fall 2019

    • Ask as a Question that will help to earn more reputation.

    • Before submit the topic, please check the your category selection is right?

    • Now your topic is ready to publish after admin approval, if you have enough reputation your topic will be approved automatically.

    • You can check your reputation in your profile.

    • Lear more How to get reputation earning

    • If you have any question please contact us

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    @Tahera-Irum said in How to add new topic in subject relevant categories ?:

    how much time our assignment have required for submitted.

    Which assignment you are talking about

  • how much time our assignment have required for submitted.

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