UNSOLVED BIF732 Assignment 2 Solution and Discussion

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    For the presentation activity, students are required to record their presentations and upload it on VULMS. MS PowerPoint allows recording audio and embedding it in a PPT file. Therefore, each student is required to prepare PPTs for his/her presentation and then record his/her voice presentation within the PPT file. Following are the guidelines in this regard:

    1. Prepare presentation slides related to any topic.
    2. There must at least 15 slides in your PPT file.
    3. First slide should contain student-ID, student-name, topic and course-name.
    4. Record your presentation using voice recorder of the Microsoft power point.
    5. The total time for recording should not exceed 5 minutes.
    6. Save your presentation slides in .ppt or .pptx format and submit on VULMS interface opened for this purpose.
    7. Double check your file before submission. If your voice is not recorded or submitted file is corrupt then you will receive zero marks.
    8. Students should submit presentation individually with their own voice recording.
    9. A guideline on how to record your presentation is uploaded in the assignment package for presentation assignment.
    10. It should be recorded in English. A good communication/ style of presenting may be awarded good marks. Objective of this assignment is to improve your soft skills.

    Warning: Write contents of each slide in your own words, do not copy-paste. Plagiarism is not acceptable. In case plagiarism is found, you will be awarded ZERO marks. No excuse will be accepted in this regard. For further understanding about plagiarism, please follow the links:
    Little Book of Plagiarism
    HEC Policy about plagiarism.

    Recording the Presentation

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