FRL101 Quiz 2 Solution and Discussion

The possible advantage of freelancing is to learn:

  • How to drive
  • How to unlock the door
  • How to bid on the projects
  • How to make friends

Most important soft skill to become a freelancer is:

  • Communication skill
  • Shopping skill
  • Harvesting skill
  • Driving skill

Which is the best website to get started as a freelancer?

What could be the possible opportunities for being a freelancer?

  • Make money
  • Get a career as employee
  • Stable monthly salary
  • Health benefits

Which of the following is an example of freelance marketplace?

  • UpWork
  • Windows 98
  • Facebook
  • Skype

A Freelancer is generally referred as :

  • a self-employed person

  • a person working in a bank

  • a person with physical disability

  • an unemployed person with no skill

while proving, it i advice to strictly avoid

irrelevant for profile creation freelance

which of the following is not compulsory for the word balance in freelancing