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    Hands-on Exercise No. 1 Batch-05 Graphic Design
    Total Marks: 10
    Due Date: 28/11/2019
    Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting this Hands-on Exercise:
    • Use MS Word to prepare exercise solution.
    • You may consult tutorials and videos if the concept is not clear.
    • Your submitted exercise will not be considered/counted if:
    ▪ It is submitted after due date.
    ▪ It is not in the required format (.doc or .docx)
    ▪ It does not open, or file is corrupt.
    ▪ It is copied (partial or full) from any source (websites, forums, students, etc.)
    Learning Outcome:
    After completing this exercise, you shall be able to:
    • Draw basic designs
    • Balance the negative and positive space

    Problem Statement
    Make basic designs with the proper use of negative and positive space.
    • Take two chart paper, one white and one black.
    • Cut out few shapes i.e. Square, Circle, Triangle, etc. from the black paper.
    • Make 4 basic design patterns in 4x4 square inch size using Square shapes, Circles, Triangles and
    zig zag shapes of black paper cuttings.
    • Use Square for design # 1
    • Use Circle for design # 2
    • Use Triangle for design # 3
    • Use zig zag shape for the design # 4
    • Your challenge is to balance the negative and positive space (black and white areas) in the
    composition using your visual force.
    • Examples and guidelines are given below for your inspiration but please do not copy these
    • Minimum 4 compositions are mandatory, but you can make up to 8 compositions.
    • Take image of the designs and insert them in the word file and upload the MS Word file on the

    How to submit solution file on LMS?
    Please perform the following steps for submitting your solution using LMS:

    1. Login to the LMS
    2. Click on the Exercises button within the My Activities section
    3. Click on the submit button to upload your Solution.
    4. Keep in mind to upload your Solution in .doc or .docx format

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    Please follow the video to solve your Assignment

  • send me soloution GRD101 Hands-on Exercise 1 Solution

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