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    Mobile App for Disaster Alert and Management

    Project Domain / Category
    Mobile Application

    Abstract / Introduction
    Write here the main idea in 1 or 2 paragraphs.

    You have to develop a Mobile App which can predict any natural disaster such as storms, earthquake, flood and other natural calamities. This prediction can be done using previous weather and earthquake data. You can get data from satellite and from weather radars or any website which are providing real time data. For these disasters, you have to precisely predict the time, location and magnitude. After predicting any disaster this app must also provide an alert to the user so that he can move to the safe place to avoid the disaster.

    In case disaster occurs, this app also provide alert to rescue teams about the areas that need urgent relief. This should also provide possible estimates of the losses occurred as a result of the disaster. You have to put lot of effort and do research to develop this app.

    Functional Requirements:
    Provide a bulleted list of functional requirements

    1. FR1: Create a registration page.
    2. FR2: Create a login page.
    3. FR3: Provide a menu for user to help him select the predictions or estimate of the losses.
    4. FR4: If user selected the predictions then app should show the location of any possible disaster on the map along with other parameters like time, magnitude etc.
    5. FR5: In case of any danger should send alert message (in the form of alarm, email, alert message) to the user.
    6. FR6: If user selected the estimate of losses then app should show the location of the disaster on the map along with other parameters like time, magnitude, number of losses, possible route to reach there etc.
    7. FR7: Create an interface to enter the information related to disaster. This information can be location of disaster, time, magnitude, number of losses possible route etc.


    Android development (Android studio and Android SQLite Database).

    Name: Muhammad Anwar
    Email ID: [email protected]
    Skype ID: [email protected]

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