Assignment No. 01

                                 	SEMESTER Fall 2019
       	       CS710 – Mobile and Pervasive Computing

                                                                                          Due Date: 13/11/2019

Instructions to Solve Assignments

The purpose of assignments is to give you hands on practice. It is expected that students will solve the assignments themselves. Following rules will apply during the evaluation of assignment.

• Cheating from any source will result in zero marks in the assignment.
• Any student found cheating in any two of the assignments submitted will be awarded “F” grade in the course.
• In case of question No. 03, direct copy and paste from the research paper will be awarded zero marks.
• No assignment after due date will be accepted.

Questions No. 1 (30)
Keeping in view the “mobility and context-awareness” characteristics, you are required to devise and design IoT-based Fog computing architecture. The architecture will have components for sensing the IoT data from the environment and store/process on the Fog devices?
Question No. 2 (20)
In second question you need to elaborate how your designed architecture support mobility and context-awareness?

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