Welcome to Week 1!

  • @mehwish
    In the Freelancing course, you have to watch 17 topics in a week. The total videos’ duration is approximately 2 hours for a week.

    There is no specific time to watch videos. The lecture videos will be available to you each Monday and that will be available throughout the course. You can watch them as per your own convenience at any time of the day.

    There is a total of 4 hands-on exercises and four Quizzes scheduled within the 12 weeks of the course. You can check the Hands-on Exercises schedule in the 'Course Calendar. You have to attempt these Hands-on exercises and Quizzes before the deadline.

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    how we cover the course easily?

  • @mehwish Freelancing is basically a different way to work on your own comfort. A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and finds work from different sources. Clients hire a freelancer to complete a task, project, or service for them. After completion of the task/ project, they are not bound to work for them anymore. It is remote working, the work you do with your own comfort.

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    what is freelancing?

  • @zaasmi Welcome! First of all, doctors are so busy that they hardly find time for themselves but still if they want to provide their services on freelance platforms then they can offer content development services related to their field.

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    If a person is a doctor and has experience in his field but if he wants to work as a freelancer then what should he do ? I mean that his profession related work is available on freelance site? Kind of Regards

  • @mehwish We have checked the issue at our end and the videos are playing properly, the issue seems to be at your end. If you are using the mobile application to watch the videos then update the YouTube application. If you are using the desktop application then try it on another browser. If the issue persists, send the screenshot of the issue at ‘[email protected]’.

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    videos are not playing? What should I do? please reply

  • @zaasmi
    You will have access to these videos all the time, you can watch them online through LMS and it is prohibited to download the video due to copyright issues. It is the property of DigiSkills.pk and Ignite. A serious action can be taken according to the cyber law of Pakistan.

    The videos will be available throughout the course and after completion of this current batch, you will be able to watch the videos under your “Previous Courses” tab. So don’t worry about the availability of the videos.

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    we can download these videos??

  • @mehwish
    All the video lectures will remain available on your LMS/Cyberian.pk during the whole course. You can access course content at any time during the course. There is no specific time to watch videos. You can watch the videos as per your own convenience. All the lecture videos and other content will be uploaded on your LMS/Cyberian.pk on weekly basis Monday at 11:00 AM.

    However, it is recommended to take watch all the videos in their respective weeks so that you can ask relevant questions during the week.

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    I have missed yesterday but today i attended 1st class topics what i do now…

  • @mehwish
    I am calling you to clarify your question. Unfortunately, you did not attend my call. As per my understanding, you want to say that freelancing is better than a job. Yes, freelancing is better than Job because of its benefits. Hopefully, you will be a successful freelancer in the future.

    Some of the benefits of freelancing are:

    Freedom of time
    You are your own boss
    Freelancer can earn more than a salaried person

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    Assalam-u-alikum, I don’t know that Freelance is important in Jobs.
    thank you for teach me.

  • @mehwish Wa alaykumu as-salam!

    As an electronics engineer, you can offer many services related to your education background on Freelance marketplaces. Some of which are:

    Electronic circuit
    Electronic press kit
    Electronic design

    For the more information you can visit the following links:



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    AOA I’m electronics engineer and currently doing MPhil electronics.
    I’m currently teaching as a home tutor. How can i became a successful freelancer.

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