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    There is a lot of jobs available on the freelancing marketplace related to MS Word and Urdu typing. You can create your profile on any freelancing platform and offer your services.

    We suggest you to start following our guidelines in this course, we will share every tip and technique with you that will lead you to become a successful freelancer.

    Jobs related to your skillset.

    MS Word Jobs:

    https://www.fiverr.com/search/gigs?query=ms word&source=top-bar&search_in=everywhere&search-autocomplete-original-term=ms word

    Urdu Typing Jobs:

    https://www.fiverr.com/search/gigs?query=urdu typing &source=top-bar&search_in=everywhere&search-autocomplete-original-term=urdu typing

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    Don’t you worry, if you don’t have much knowledge about computer, you must learn basic knowledge about computer. DigiSkills.pk is offering several courses one of them is Digital Literacy. You should have enrolled in Digital Literacy the Digital Literacy course is designed for absolute beginners. The course will help you to learn the basics of computer, software, hardware, widely used applications of computer and the Internet. The learning outcome of this course will be useful for you in implementing the knowledge acquired in your practical life.

    Also, the skills demonstrated in this course will enable you to earn online on Freelance Marketplaces. You can look out for jobs like Virtual Assistants, Data Entry, Data Analysis, Internet Research, etc. after taking this course.

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    @mehwish Welcome to the course of Freelancing. Freelancing is an independent course. You can select the other course according to your interest and previous knowledge. You also can learn more than one skill in forthcoming batches. The more skills you will have the more chances are there of success.

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    mai nai pehla course freelancing select kiya hai plz sir aap bata sakty hai k ma dosra konsa course select kardo tahky mujy samajny mai asani ho

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    You cannot download the videos. You must have to watch all the videos through LMS so that your progress could be monitored, and you can become eligible for an E-Certificate after completing your course successfully.

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    @zareen All the videos and learning material for each course will be available on DigiSkills LMS. The content and videos of each week will be made available on the respective Monday by 11 AM.

    And This course will help you to learn and do practice. In this course, we have scheduled 4 quizzes and 4 hands-on exercises within the 12 weeks.

    We will guide you in detail about all the freelancing platforms including traditional and non-traditional ones. We’ll also cover the following areas to train you well enough:

    • How to get started

    • Introduction to the most popular freelancing platforms

    • How to select your skills

    • How to create your profile

    • How to land on the right job

    • How to apply for projects

    • Basic tips on communication with clients

    • How to manage a project and How to get paid

    Everything related to freelancing is discussed in the course content.

    so we recommend you to please have patience and keep following the course step by step this course will help you a lot to become a successful freelancer.

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    @mehwish We welcome you to the Freelancing course and thanks for reaching us out.

    Yes, it’s up to you; You can easily attend these online lectures with your college classes because every week contains almost 2 hours of new video training contents; which is basically an easy task.
    We encourage you to please watch all the videos of this course on LMS, and in case of any question feel free to ask us, we’re always here for your support.

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    Is it possible to learn freelancing while attending college classes?

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    For Freelancing, there is no compulsion of computer background or computer education. A person with any background, with or without the expertise of computers can step into this career.

    For Freelancing, you only need to learn any digital skill which you can offer on the Freelance marketplace and tips and tricks of Freelancing.

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    it means we can easily gain the knowledge of freelancing if i ever have not use computer ???

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    In the Freelancing course, you have to watch 17 topics in a week. The total videos’ duration is approximately 2 hours for a week.

    There is no specific time to watch videos. The lecture videos will be available to you each Monday and that will be available throughout the course. You can watch them as per your own convenience at any time of the day.

    There is a total of 4 hands-on exercises and four Quizzes scheduled within the 12 weeks of the course. You can check the Hands-on Exercises schedule in the 'Course Calendar. You have to attempt these Hands-on exercises and Quizzes before the deadline.

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    how we cover the course easily?

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    @mehwish Freelancing is basically a different way to work on your own comfort. A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and finds work from different sources. Clients hire a freelancer to complete a task, project, or service for them. After completion of the task/ project, they are not bound to work for them anymore. It is remote working, the work you do with your own comfort.

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    what is freelancing?

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    @zaasmi Welcome! First of all, doctors are so busy that they hardly find time for themselves but still if they want to provide their services on freelance platforms then they can offer content development services related to their field.

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    If a person is a doctor and has experience in his field but if he wants to work as a freelancer then what should he do ? I mean that his profession related work is available on freelance site? Kind of Regards

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