FRL101 Quiz No 2 Solution and Discussoion

Where do you need to create your freelance profile?

  • Apple

  • Google

  • Microsoft

  • Upwork


Which type of project we should prefer for bidding?

High price instead of low price based on the same requirements.


What an employer can do if a freelancer doesn’t meet the time deadline without any prior notice to employer?

  • Wait for completion

  • Give extra time

  • Pay more than before

  • Cancel the order


Freelancer should avoid…in order to meet the deadlines.

  • Distractions

  • Bidding

  • Interacting

  • Focusing


…is known as the largest freelancing platform in terms of clients and freelancers.


Most important SOFTSKILL in the freelance market is…skill.

  • Networking

  • Communication

  • Organizational

  • Time Management


In case of an emergency if a freelance is not able to complete his project on time then waht he must do/in case of delay?

  • Quit the project without informing the employer

  • Discuss the situation with employer

  • Open Dispute

  • Intentionally delay the project


  1. Which of the following is NOT compulsory for wor-life balance in freelancing?
  • Work

  • Staying health

  • Overcommit

  • Go Out


  1. To Signup as an employer on, which of the following option will you select?
  • Seller

  • Buyer

  • Hire

  • Apply