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    This topic will help the students “How to Solve the Mid or Final Term paper”

    Please share and discuss your paper solving idea, we will help to improving suggestion regarding paper solution.

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    • Please follow added steps by @zareen and also add mu suggestions
    1. Read MCQ’s with attention Next or Previous Question’s are relevant to each other.
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    Dear Cyberian we want to share paper solving Ideas that will Helpful.
    Before solving paper please read following Steps.

    • Create a MS Word File On Desktop.
    • Go to end of Paper Like Subjective Questions.
    • Copy and Paste All Subjective Questions to the word file one by one with Answer space.
    • Read Carefully Subjective Questions 4 to 5 time to remember that which Questions asking in subjective.
    • Start Your MCQ’s, May be the Answer of Your Subjective Questions is there, if you have idea that’s Your Sub. Questions! Copy that and paste your noted under the question in MS. Word File.
    • You will be able to do that Your MCQ’s and Subjective Answer will be solve in the same time and you don’t have to found them again and again in MCQ.
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