MCM301 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion

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    Total Marks 5
    Starting Date Monday, August 19, 2019
    Closing Date Tuesday, August 20, 2019
    Status Open
    Question Description
    Semester “Spring 2019”

    MCM301 – Communication Skills

    This is to inform you that Graded Discussion Board (GDB)

    has been opened according to the following schedule

    Discussion Topic

    “Effective Communication”


    Opening Date and Time

    August 19, 2019 At 12:01 A.M. (Mid-Night)

    Closing Date and Time

    August 20, 2019 At 11:59 P.M. (Mid-Night)

    Note: No extra or bonus/grace period is available for attempting GBD.

    Discussion Question

    Effective Communication skills play a vital role in establishing one’s personality. Consider the personality of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan and Ex-Prime Minister, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, discuss who possess the best communication skills? Support your answer with logical arguments.

    Note: Focus your discussion on the Verbal & Non-Verbal Skills of communication.


    Read the following instructions before giving your comments on GDB:

    Use the font style “Times New Roman” and font size “12”.
    Your answer should be relevant to the topic i.e. clear and concise.
    Do not copy or exchange your answer with other students. Two identical / copied comments will be marked Zero (0) and may damage your grade in the course.
    Books, websites and other reading material may be consulted before posting your comments but copying or reproducing the text from books, websites and other reading materials is strictly prohibited. Such comments will be marked as Zero (0).
    Obnoxious or ignoble answer should be strictly avoided.

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    The way you look, listen, move, and react to another person tells them more about how you’re feeling than words alone ever can. Nonverbal communication, or body language, includes facial expressions, body movement and gestures, eye contact, posture, the tone of your voice, and even your muscle tension and breathing.

    Developing the ability to understand and use nonverbal communication can help you connect with others, express what you really mean, navigate challenging situations, and build better relationships at home and work.

    You can enhance effective communication by using open body language—arms uncrossed, standing with an open stance or sitting on the edge of your seat, and maintaining eye contact with the person you’re talking to.
    You can also use body language to emphasize or enhance your verbal message—patting a friend on the back while complimenting him on his success, for example, or pounding your fists to underline your message.

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    The way you behave with others reflects your personality. … Effective Communication skills play a crucial role in honing one’s personality. Communication helps individuals to express themselves in the most convincing way.

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