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    Dear Students,

    Graded discussion (GDB) for the course GSC101 will be launched on 19th August, 2019 and it will remain open for two days. You can post your comments on the below mentioned topic till 20th August, 2019.

    No comment about the Discussion topic should be posted on the regular Moderated Discussion Board (MDB) which is created for each lecture.

    The topic for the discussion is:

    Justify the following statement,

    “Do you think that is there any positive role of eyes & nose in digestive system of human? Either yes or no explain with solid reason.”

    Also you should remember that this Discussion is graded and maximum marks for this Graded Discussion Board 5% and it will count in your final Grade. So these marks may be helpful for you to get A grade from B and B grade from C and so on.

    In the end you should also know that we will not extend the date of discussion in any case.

    · Plagiarism is prohibited that is why you are advised to avoid copy/paste from internet etc, if found at any stage will be graded as zero marks.

    · All students are directed to use the font face Time new Roman and Font size 12.

    · Don’t use colorful back grounds in your solution.

    · Use Math Type or Equation Editor etc for mathematical symbols.

    · It also suggests you to keep your GDB solution safe from others. No excuse will be accepted by anyone if found to be copying or letting others copy.

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    Yes there is a positive role as the eyes see the food and perseve it to the senses. If the food is neatly decorated and arranged we feel the urge to eat. Whereas the nose smell food and we get to know if the food is rotten or not. The aroma of the food also attracts us and we have the urge to it.

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