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WPS101 Quiz 1 Solution and discussion

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    Dear Trainee,

    This is to inform that Graded Quiz No. 1 of the WordPress course will be opened on August 19, 2019 (12:00 AM) and last date to attempt quiz will be August 23, 2019 (11:59 PM).

    The Quiz will be based on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), covering video topics 1 to 24.

    Please read all the instructions carefully before attempting the Quiz.

    Note: Hands-on Exercises and Quizzes carry weight and are counted when determining eligibility for Completion Certificate.

    Short Demo:

    If you want to learn how to attempt the Quiz on LMS, please watch the following orientation video from time 8:50.

    Best of Luck!

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    Link of the WordPress post is called:

    Answer Options (choose one):

    • Hypertext link
    • Simplified link
    • Permalinks
    • Direct link

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    Which of the following statement is true

    Answer Options (choose one):

    • Editors can access WordPress dashboard
    • Admin can access WordPress dashboard
    • Dashboard is the first screen we see after login
    • All of the above

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    A website like Facebook is called ___________

    Answer Options (choose one):

    • Community website
    • Developer site
    • Online forum
    • Freelancing website

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    WordPress is a __________

    Answer Options (choose one):

    • Android development platform
    • Content Management System
    • Programming language
    • Hardware

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    WordPress is a software for making __________

    Answer Options (choose one):

    • Websites
    • Mobile phones
    • Viruses
    • Anti-virus

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    A person born or brought up during the age of digital technology and so familiar with computers and the Internet from an early age is called _________

    Answer Options (choose one):

    • Digital native
    • Analogue Native
    • Digital non-native
    • Analogue non-native

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