How can I receive Reputation earning from Cyberian?

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    How to join

    1. click on login as you can see below picture.
    2. If you are already Registered user Please login with username/email and password.
    3. Easy login/Alternative login beside the login details like (Facebook/Google/Twitter) also provide the login with social media account.
    4. If you have not registed with please click on Register button on top navigation bar or on login page under the login Button.
    5. If you have any question regarding registration issue please feel free to contact us!

    Get start earning today with cyberian.

    • Join us and receive 10 Reputation.

    • Complete your profile and receive 10 Reputation

    • Confirm your email address and receive 10 Reputation

    • Log in once a day and receive 5 Reputation
      Be an active user

    • Answer questions posted by other users and receive Reputation per post/topic/upvote/etc.

    • Give the Cyberian answer! If your answer is chosen as the Cyberian Answer, you receive an additional 50% of the Reputation offered for this question.

    • Choose the Cyberian answer to your question and receive 25% of the total Reputation you assigned to your question.

    • Get on our Leader board! We will Awarded profile with special badges.

                       daily 	weekly 	monthly
        1. place 	15 rpn 	30 rpn 	30 rpn
        2. place 	10 rpn 	20 rpn 	20 rpn
        3. place 	05 rpn 	10 rpn	10 rnp

    Activity Thresholds

    • Minimum reputation to downvote posts =1000
    • Minimum reputation to flag posts = 1000
    • Minimum reputation to add “Website” to user profile = 25000
    • Minimum reputation to add “About me” to user profile = 200
    • Minimum reputation to add “Signature” to user profile = 1000
    • Minimum reputation to add “Profile Picture” to user profile = 100
    • Minimum reputation to add “Cover Picture” to user profile = 200

  • As a new user, you can only post once every 120 second(s) until you have earned 1000 reputation - please wait before posting again

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