GRE-Word list Terms Definitions
1 abate to lessen to subside
2 abdication giving up control authority
3 aberration straying away from what is normal, deviation
4 abet help/encourage smb (in doing wrong)
5 abeyance suspended action
6 abhor to hate to detest
7 abide be faithful to endure
8 abjure promise or swear to give up
9 abraded rubbed off, worn away by friction
10 abrogate repeal or annul by authority
11 abscond to go away suddenly (to avoid arrest)
12 abstruse difficult to comprehend, obscure
13 abut border on
14 abysmal bottomless extreme, terrible
15 acarpous effect no longer, fertile, worn out
16 acclaimed welcomed with shouts and approval
17 accolade praise, approval
18 accretion the growing of separate things into one
19 accrue accumulate
20 adamant kind of stone, inflexible
21 admonitory containing warning
22 adorn add beauty, decorate
23 adulteration making unpure, poorer in quality
24 affable polite and friendly
25 affinity close connection relationship
26 aggravate make worse, irritate
27 agile active, quick-moving
28 agog eager/excited
29 ail trouble, be ill
30 alacrity eager and cheerful readiness
31 alcove recess/partially enclosed place
32 ale fermented alcoholic beverage similar to but heavier than beer
33 aleck one who considers himself smarter than others
34 allegiance duty, support, loyalty
35 alleviate make (pain) easier to bear
36 alloy to debase by mixing with something inferior
37 aloof reserved, indifferent
38 amalgamate mix, combine, unite societies
39 ambidextrous able to use the left hand or the right equally well
40 ambiguous doubtful, uncertain
41 ambivalent having both of two contrary meanings
42 ambrosial extremely pleasing to taste
43 ameliorate improve, make better
44 amortize repay, end (a debt) by setting aside money
45 anguish severe suffering
46 animosity strong dislike
47 antidote medicine used against a poison or a disease
48 antithetical direct opposing
49 apartheid brutal racial discrimination
50 aplomb self-confidence
51 apostate one who abandons long-held religious or political convictions
52 apotheosis deification glorification to godliness
53 appease make quiet or calm
54 apprehensive grasping understanding fear unhappy feeling about future
55 apprise give notice to inform
56 approbation approval
57 apropos appropriate to the situation apt
58 apt well-suited quick-witted
59 arabesque a complex ornate design
60 arboreal of connected with trees
61 ardor enthusiasm
62 arduous steep difficult ascent laborious
63 argot jargon slang
64 arrant in the highest degree
65 arrogance proud superior manner of behaviour
66 articulate speak distinctly connect by joints
67 ascend go or come up
68 ascertain get to know
69 ascetic practicing self-denial austere stark
70 ascribe consider to be the origin of or belonging to
71 aseptic surgically clean
72 asperity roughness harshness ill temper irritability
73 aspersion slander
74 assail with attack violently
75 assiduous diligent hard-working sedulous
76 assuage make something (pain desire) less
77 asterisk the mark * (e.g… omitted letters)
78 astringent substance that shrinks
79 astute clever quick at seeing to get an advantage
80 atonement repayment death of Jesus
81 attenuate make thin. weaken enervate
82 attune bring into harmony
83 audacious daring foolishly bold impudent
84 augury omen sign
85 august majestic venerable
86 auspicious favorable successful prosperous
87 austere severely moral and strict simple and plain
88 auxiliary helping supporting
89 aver affirm assert prove justify
90 aversion strong dislike
91 avid eager greedy
92 avow admit. Declare openly
93 baleful harmful ominous causing evil
94 balk obstacle purposely to get on the way of
95 baneful causing harm or ruin pernicious destructive
96 barrage artificial obstacle built across a river
97 barren not good enough unable to have young ones without value
98 bask in enjoy warmth and light
99 beatify to bless make happy or ascribe a virtue to
100 bedizen to adorn especially in a cheap showy manner
101 belabor beat hard
102 bellicose belligerent pugnacious warlike
103 belligerent (person nation) waging war
104 benefactor person who has given help
105 benevolence wish or activity in doing good
106 benign kind and gentle mild (climate)
107 bequest arrangement to give something at death
108 berate scold sharply
109 bereft rob or dispossess of something (material)
110 bewilder puzzle confuse
111 bigot stubborn narrow-minded person
112 bilge bulge the protuberance of a cask
113 blandishment flattery coaxing
114 blandness polite manner comforting uninteresting
115 blatant noisy and rough
116 blithe cheerful casual carefree
117 bogus sham counterfeit not genuine
118 boisterous loud noisy rough lacking restraint
119 bolster give greatly needed support
120 boorish crude offensive rude
121 brash hasty rush cheeky saucy
122 brass yellow metal (mixing copper and zinc)
123 brazen made of brass
124 breach opening broken place breaking
125 brittle easily broken
126 broach bring up announce begin to talk about
127 brook to tolerate endure
128 buoyant able to float light-hearted
129 burgeon grow forth send out buds
130 burnish to polish rub to a shine
131 cabal a scheme or plot a group of plotters
132 cadge to beg to get by begging
133 cajole use flattery or deceit to persuade
134 calipers metal supports attached to the legs measuring instrument
135 calumny slander aspersion
136 candid frank straight-forward
137 cant insincere talk/jargon
138 cantankerous bad-tempered/quarrelsome
139 canvass discuss thoroughly sort of touting
140 castigate to chastise correct by punishing
141 castigation severe punishment
142 catalyst substance that causes speeding up
143 caustic biting sarcastic
144 censure expression of blame or disapproval a rebuke
145 centurion leader of a unit of 100 soldiers
146 chary cautious wary
147 chastened corrected punished
148 chastisement punishment
149 chauvinist a blindly devoted patriot
150 chicanery legal trickery/false argument
151 chisel steel tool for shaping materials
152 churl bad-tempered person
153 clamor shout complain with a lot of noise
154 clientele customers
155 clinch come to grips/settle conclusively
156 cling to resist separation
157 clot half-solid lump formed from liquid
158 cloture closing device (in Parliament) to end a debate by voting
159 coagulation change to a thick and solid state
160 coalescing coming together and uniting into one substance
161 coax get smb to do something by kindness
162 coda passage that completes a piece of music
163 coddle treat with care and tenderness
164 coerce compel to force to make obedient
165 coeval of the same period coexisting
166 cogent strong convincing
167 cogitate think deeply mediate
168 cognizant being fully aware of
169 cohort a group or band of people
170 colander bowl-shaped vessel with many holes used to drain off water
171 collusion secret agreement for a deceitful purpose
172 combustion process of burning
173 commemorate keep the memory of
174 commodious having plenty of space for what is needed
175 commuter person who travels regularly
176 complaisance tending to comply obliging willingness to please
177 compunction feeling of regret for one’s action
178 conceal hide keep secret
179 conceit over-high opinion of too much pride
180 conciliatory reconciling soothing comforting mollifying
181 concord agreement or harmony
182 concur agree in opinion happen together
183 condense increase in density strength make laconic
184 Conduce To bring about
185 condone forgive
186 congeal make or become stiff and solid
187 conjoin to join together
188 connoisseur a person with good judgement (e.g… in art)
189 connotation suggestion in addition to
190 consequential pompous self important
191 console give comfort or sympathy to
192 conspicuous easily seen remarkable
193 consternation surprise and fear dismay
194 constrain compel
195 constrict make tight or smaller
196 consume get to the end of
197 consummate perfect/make perfect/complete
198 contemn to scorn or despise
199 contentious argumentative pugnacious combative quarrelsome
200 contiguous touching neighboring near
201 contrite filled with deep sorrow for wrongdoing
202 contumacious insubordinate rebellious
203 conundrum a riddle dilemma enigma
204 conviction convincing firm belief
205 convoke call together summon
206 convoluted complicated coiled twisted
207 cordial warm and sincere
208 cordon line (of police acting as a guard)
209 cornucopia abundant supply
210 corporeal physical of or for the body
211 correlate have a mutual relation
212 corroboration additional strengthening evidence
213 countenance to favor or approve of
214 counterfeit forgery
215 countervail counterbalance
216 covert disguised
217 covetous eagerly desirous
218 cower crouch shrink back
219 coy shy/modest (esp of a girl)
220 crass very great (es. stupidity)
221 cravat piece of linen worn as a necktie
222 craven cowardly
223 crease line made by crushing white line on the ground in cricket
224 credulity too great a readiness to believe things
225 credulous ready to believe things
226 crush press lose shape subdue overwhelm
227 cryptic secret with a hidden meaning
228 cumbersome burdensome heavy and awkward to carry
229 curmudgeon bad-tempered person
230 curriculum course of study
231 cursory quick hurried
232 curtail make shorter then was planned
233 dainty pretty/delicate(food)/difficult to please
234 daunt intimidate make fearful
235 dawdler person who is slow waste of time
236 dearth shortage
237 debacle a breakup overthrow sudden disaster
238 decorum propriety properness
239 decree order given by authority
240 decry disapprove of
241 defer postpone give way (to show respect)
242 deferential showing respect
243 defiance open disobedience or resistance
244 delineate to portray depict sketch out
245 deluge great flood heavy rush of water
246 demagogue person appealing not to reasons
247 demur to hesitate raise objections
248 denigrate blacken belittle sully defame
249 denouement an outcome or solution the unraveling of a plot
250 deplete use until none remains
251 deposition dethronement depositing
252 deprave make morally bad corrupt
253 deprecate protest against express disapproval of
254 dereliction deserting and leaving to fall into ruins
255 derision ridicule mockery deriding
256 derivative unoriginal obtained from another source
257 derogatory insulting tending to damage
258 descry catch sight of see something in the distance
259 desiccant substance used to absorb moisture
260 desuetude cessation of use disuse
261 desultory aimless haphazard digressing at random
262 deter discourage hinder
263 detraction slandering verbal attack aspersion
264 detumescence diminishing or lessening of swelling
265 deviance being different in moral standards (from normal)
266 dexterity skill (esp. in handling)
267 diaphanous transparent gauzy
268 diatribe bitter and violent attack in words
269 didactic intended to instruct
270 diffidence shyness
271 dilate speak comprehensively become wider large
272 disallow refuse to allow or accept as a correct
273 discern see with an effort but clearly
274 discomfit confuse embarrass
275 disconcert upset the self-possession of
276 discountenance refuse to approve of
277 discourse speech lecture
278 discredit refuse to believe
279 discreet careful/prudent
280 discrete individually distinct
281 disdain look on with contempt
282 disencumber free from encumbrance
283 disheveled untidy
284 disingenuous sophisticated artful trying to deceive cunning
285 disinter dig up from the earth
286 dislodge move force from the place occupied
287 dismal sad gloomy miserable
288 disparate essentially different
289 disproof proof to the contrary
290 dissemble speak or behave so as to hide something (in mind)
291 disseminate distribute (esp. ideas)
292 dissent have a different opinion refuse to assent
293 dissolution disintegration looseness in morals
294 distraught distracted violently upset in mind
295 divergence getting farther apart from a point
296 divestiture taking off getting rid of giving up
297 divulge make known something secret
298 doggerel trivial poorly constructed verse
299 dogmatic positive certain arbitrary without room for discussion
300 dolt stupid fellow
301 dormant in a state of inactivity but awaiting development
302 dote show much fondness center one’s attention
303 drawl slow way of speaking
304 droll jesting
305 drone male bee person who isn’t self-employed
306 drowsiness feeling sleepy half asleep
307 dubious feeling doubt
308 dud no use person something that fails
309 dulcet melodious harmonious
310 dupe cheat make a fool of
311 duplicity deliberate deception
312 duress threats to compel smb
313 dwarf person or smb much below the usual size
314 dynamo a generator something that produces electric current
315 earthenware dishes made of baked clay
316 ebullience exuberance outburst of feeling
317 ebullient overflowing with enthusiasm showing excitement
318 ecumenical representing the whole Christian world
319 edacious voracious devouring
320 eddy circular or spiral movement (e.g… of wind)
321 edible fit to be eaten/not poisonous
322 effete infertile worn out weak
323 efficacy production of a desired result
324 effluvia outflow in a stream of particles a noxious odor or vapor
325 effrontery boldness impudence arrogance
326 egress way out exit
327 elaborate worked out with much care in great detail
328 elegy a lament a melancholy composition
329 elicit draw out
330 eloquence fluent speaking skillful use of language
331 emaciate make thin and weak
332 embellish make beautiful
333 embezzle use in a wrong way for one’s own benefit
334 emote stir up excite
335 empirical relying on experiment
336 encapsulate enclose in capsule
337 encomium warm or glowing praise eulogy panegyric
338 encumbrance burden things that get on the way of
339 endearing making dear or liked
340 endemic epidemic
341 epiphany A Christian feast celebrating the manifestation of the divine nature of Jesus to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi.
342 endorse write one’s name on the back of
343 enduring lasting
344 enervate weaken deprive of strength attenuate
345 engender cause produce give rise to
346 engrave impress deeply
347 engrossing taken up all the time or attention writing in large or formal
348 engulf swallow up
349 enigma something that is puzzling
350 enmity hatred being an enemy
351 ensign flag/badge
352 entangle put into difficulties
353 enthral please greatly/enslave (fig)
354 entice tempt or persuade
355 entreat ask earnestly
356 enunciate pronounce (words)/express a theory
357 enzyme catalyst
358 epicurean devoted to pleasure (sensuous enjoyment)
359 epistle letter
360 epithet adjective
361 epitome brief summary representative example a typical model
362 equable steady regular
363 equanimity calmness of temperament
364 equilibrium state of being balanced
365 equipoise equal distribution of weight equilibrium
366 equivocal having a double or doubtful meaning suspicious
367 equivocate try to deceive by equivocal language
368 eradicate get rid of pull up by the roots
369 erratic irregular in behaviour or opinion
370 erudite learned scholarly
371 eschew avoid
372 esoteric abstruse intended only for a small circle of
373 espouse marry give one’s support to
374 eulogy formal praise panegyric
375 euphoria elation state of pleasant excitement
376 euthanasia easy and painless death
377 evasive tending to evade
378 evince to show clearly to indicate
379 evoke call up bring out
380 excoriation severe criticism
381 exculpate to clear from a charge of guilt
382 exhaustive complete thorough
383 exigency emergency an urgent situation
384 exoneration set smb clear free (e.g… from blame)
385 exorbitant much too high or great
386 expatiate to roam wander freely
387 expedient likely to be useful for a purpose
388 expiation ending expiring
389 exploit brilliant achievement develop use selfishly
390 expostulate argue earnestly to dissuade correct or protest
391 expurgate to remove obscenity purify censor
392 exscind to cut out cut away
393 extant still in existence
394 extempore without previous thought or preparation
395 extenuate reduce the strength of lessen seriousness partially excuse
396 extinct no longer active
397 extinguish end the existence of/wipe or put out
398 extirpate to destroy exterminate cut out exscind
399 extol praise highly
400 extort obtain by threats violence
401 extralegal outside the law
402 extricable that can be freed
403 extrovert cheerful person
404 exuberance state of growing vigorously being full of life
405 facetious humorous funny jocular
406 facile easily done
407 fagged too tired, exhausted
408 fallacious based on error
409 falter waver/move in an uncertain manner
410 fatuous without sense foolish self-satisfaction
411 fawn young deer try to win smb’s favor
412 feckless lacking purpose or vitality ineffective careless
413 fecund fertile
414 feint pretend
415 felicitous apt suitably expressed well chosen apropos
416 felon person guilty of murder
417 ferment substance become excited
418 ferocity savage cruelty
419 ferret discover by searching search
420 fervid showing earnest feeling
421 fervor warmth of feelings earnestness
422 fetid stinking
423 fetter to shackle put in chains
424 feud bitter quarrel over a long period of time
425 fidelity loyalty accuracy
426 fidget move restlessly make nervous
427 figurehead carved image on the prow of a ship
428 finesse delicate way of dealing with a situation
429 finical too fussy about food clothing etc.
430 finicky finical
431 fission splitting or division (esp. of cells)
432 fixate stare at
433 flak criticism/anti-aircraft guns
434 flamboyant brightly colored florid
435 flaunting show off complacently
436 flax pale yellow (hair) a plant
437 fledged able to fly trained experienced
438 fleet number of ships quick-moving
439 flinch draw move back wince
440 flop fail/move/fall clumsily
441 florid very much ornamented naturally red (e.g… of face)
442 flout reject mock to go against (as in going against tradition)
443 fluke lucky stroke
444 fluster make nervous or confused
445 foible defect of character (a person is wrongly proud)
446 foil prevent from carrying out contrast
447 foment put something warm (to lessen the pain)
448 foolproof incapable of failure or error
449 foppish like a man who pays too much attention to his clothes
450 forage food for horses and cattle
451 forbear refrain from be patient ancestor
452 forbearance patience willingness to wait
453 ford shallow place in a river (to cross)
454 forestall prevent by taking action in advance preempt
455 forfeit suffer the loss of something
456 forge workshop for the shaping of metal to shape metal lead
457 forgery counterfeit
458 forswear renounce disallow repudiate
459 foster nurture care for
460 fracas noisy quarrel
461 fragile easily injured broken or destroyed
462 fragrant sweet-smelling
463 frantic wildly excited with joy pain anxiety
464 frenetic frantic frenzied
465 fret worry irritation wear away
466 fringe edge ornamental border part of hair over the forehead
467 froward intractable not willing to yield or comply stubborn
468 frugal careful economical
469 fulmination bitter protest
470 fulsome disgusting offensive due to excessiveness
471 gainsay to deny to oppose
472 garble make unfair selection from facts
473 garner to gather and save to store up
474 garrulity talkativeness
475 garrulous too talkative
476 gaucherie socially awkward tactless behavior
477 germane relevant pertinent to
478 gist the point general sense
479 glean gather facts in small quantities
480 glib ready and smooth but not sincere
481 glimmer weak/unsteady light
482 gloat over look at with selfish delight
483 glut supply to much fill to excess
484 gnaw waste away bite steadily
485 goad something urging a person to action
486 gorge eat greedily/narrow opening with a stream
487 gossamer soft light delicate material
488 gouge tool for cutting grooves in wood
489 gourmand a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess
490 grandiloquent using pompous words
491 grave serious requiring consideration
492 graze touch or scrape lightly in passing
493 gregarious living in societies liking the company
494 grievous causing grief or pain serious dire grave
495 grovel crawl humble oneself
496 guile deceit cunning
497 gullible easily gulled
498 gush burst out suddenly/talk ardently
499 gust outburst of feeling sudden rain wind fire etc.
500 hack cut roughly hired horse
501 halcyon calm and peaceful
502 hallow to make holy consecrate
503 harangue a long passionate speech
504 harbinger something or smb that foretells the coming of
505 harrow to distress create stress or torment
506 haughty arrogant conceited
507 heed attention/give notice to
508 heinous odious (of crime)
509 heresy belief contrary to what is generally accepted
510 hermetic sealed by fusion
511 heterogeneous made up of different kinds
512 hew make by hard work cut (by striking)
513 highbrow (person) with superior tastes
514 hirsute hairy shaggy
515 hoax mischievous trick played on smb for a joke
516 hoi polloi the masses the rabble
517 hollow not soled with hole
518 holster leather case for a pistol
519 homiletics act of preaching
520 hone stone used for sharpening tools
521 hoodwink trick mislead
522 hospitable liking to give hospitality
523 hubris arrogant pride
524 hush make or become silent
525 husk worthless outside part of anything
526 hypocrisy falsely making oneself appear to be good
527 iconoclast person who attacks popular beliefs
528 idiosyncrasy personal mannerism
529 idolatry excessive admiration of
530 idyll a carefree episode or experience
531 ignoble dishonorable common undignified
532 ignominious shameful dishonorable undignified disgraceful
533 illicit unlawful forbidden
534 imbroglio complicated and embarrassing situation
535 immaculate pure faultless
536 imminent likely to come or happen soon
537 immutable that cannot be changed
538 impair worsen diminish in value
539 impassive unmoved feeling no sign of passion
540 impecunious having little or no money
541 impede hinder get in the way of
542 impediment something that hinders (e.g. stammer)
543 impending imminent being about to happen expected
544 imperative urgent essential
545 imperious commanding haughty arrogant
546 impermeable that cannot be permeated
547 imperturbable calm not capable of being excited
548 impervious not allowing to pass through (of materials)
549 imperviousness haughty arrogant commanding
550 impetuous having sudden energy impulsive thrusting ahead forceful
551 impiety lack of reverence or dutifulness
552 implacable incapable of being placated unpleasable
553 implicate show that smb has a share
554 implicit implied though not plainly expressed
555 implosion collapse bursting inward
556 importune beg urgently solicit (of a prostitute)
557 imprecation an invocation of evil a curse
558 impromptu without preparation
559 impudent rash indiscreet
560 impugned challenged to be doubted
561 impute to attribute to a cause or source ascribe
562 inadvertent not paying proper attention
563 inane silly senseless
564 inasmuch since because
565 incense make angry
566 incessant often repeated continual
567 inchoate not yet fully formed rudimentary elementary
568 incipient beginning
569 incise engrave make a cut in
570 incite stir up rouse
571 inclined directing the mind in a certain direction
572 incongruous out of place not in harmony or agreement
573 incorrigibility cannot be cured or corrected
574 incredulous skeptical unwilling to believe
575 inculcate fix firmly by repetition
576 incumbents official duties
577 incursion a raid a sudden attack
578 indefatigability not easily exhaustible tirelessness
579 indelible that cannot be rubbed out
580 indigence poverty
581 indigenous native
582 indistinct not easily heard seen clearly marked
583 indolence laziness
584 indomitable not easily discouraged or subdued
585 indulge gratify give way to satisfy allow oneself
586 indulgent inclined to indulge
587 ineffable to great to be described in words
588 ineluctable certain inevitable
589 inept unskillful said or done at the wrong time
590 ineptitude quality of being unskillful
591 inferno hell
592 infuriate fill with fury or rage
593 infuse put pour fill
594 ingenuous naive young artless frank honest sincere
595 ingest take in by swallowing
596 inimical harmful or friendly
597 inimitable defying imitation unmatchable
598 innocuous causing no harm
599 inscrutable incapable of being discovered or understood
600 insensible unconscious unresponsive unaffected