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    6e99bb78-6c87-46c4-a5c8-e3f6bf99e6e3-image.png Business Communication (ENG 301)

    Spring 2019
    Assignment No. 2
    Total Marks: 20
    Lectures: 23-35


    • Upload your assignments in a proper format, i.e. MS word file. Corrupt files will be awarded zero marks.
    • The assignments should be zoomed in at 100%.
    • Please avoid plagiarism; plagiarized work will be marked zero.
    • After the due date, the assignments submitted via email would not be entertained.
    • Please avoid submitting copied assignments; otherwise, such a case would be referred to the discipline committee.
    • The font color should be preferably black and font size 12 Times New Roman.

    Q1. A well reputed and established organization requires the services of a hardworking and professional individual for the post of Sales Executive for their electrical products.
    Eligibility Criteria:
    • Minimum Qualification: Graduate
    • At least 3 years of experience in the relevant field.
    • Must have excellent computer skills and command on MS Office
    • Must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Must be fluent in English
    Write down a ‘Chronological Resume’ that emphasizes the list of skills and accomplishments relevant to this post. (10 Marls)
    Q2. Read the following sample letters carefully and identify the correct type of business letter from the given choices. (5*2=10 Marks)

    1. Dear Mr. Naeem,

    Our Collection Department has informed me of their intention to file suit as you have failed to answer any of our requests for payment of Rs.5000/-, which is now 4 months overdue.
    Before taking this action, however, I would like to make a personal appeal to your sound business judgment. I feel certain that, if you telephone me, we can devise some means to settle this matter out of court.

    Therefore, I ask that you get in touch with me by the 25th of this month so that I may avoid taking steps which neither of us would like.

    Truly yours,

    a. Collection letter
    b. Credit letter
    c. Adjustment letter
    d. Sales letter

    1. Dear Sir,

    With pleasure we received your letter of 19th OCT 2012, and with further pleasure we are proud that we can entertain you in this connection; we are dispatching the sample with this letter. Producing high quality products is the motive of our organization, and all our products are ISO 2001 certified. We always support our customers; our terms of credit are very simple. It purely runs on cash basis. The product is available in different affordable sizes i.e. 10 mg, 20 mg, 50 mg etc.

    Our discount policy is 10% for whole sellers because they purchase in bulk and 5% for retailers. Enclosed is a price list for your convenience in the selection of prices.

    We have kept suitable profit margin in our product; you can get 17% if you buy in bulk. You can contact us on our office number 051-9928654, or directly on my cell no: 0334-9412587. Looking forward for your kind consideration, and in case of any queries, feel free to contact us.

    Yours sincerely,

    a. Collection letter
    b. Credit letter
    c. Adjustment letter
    d. Solicited sales letter

    1. Respected sir,

    Do you think Marketing is a piece of cake? Do you need magic to solve your marketing problems?
    Yes! We got the solution! We are enclosing a specimen of the book “PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING BY IHSAN ULLAH IHSAN”. This book is a comprehensive guideline for preliminary learners, and it covers all the major areas of marketing.
    The most important feature of this book is that it’s a project-based approach. Whatever is discussed theoretically is practically explained. I hope your students will appreciate it.
    When this book is used by a competent and experienced teacher like you, the students will get gratifying results in their final examination. 
Just give it a trial and see the miracle.
    For further correspondence, complete detail is given on the book sent to you. Looking forward for your kind consideration and suggestions, if you have any.

    Yours faithfully,

    a. Collection letter
    b. Credit letter
    c. Adjustment letter
    d. Unsolicited sales letter

    1. Dear Mr. Ahmad,

    We are a newly established appliance repair business interested in acquiring a business credit card. Small shop owners in the area have informed us that business credit cards are a convenient, organized, and efficient way of handling small day-to-day expenses, such as office supplies or lunches.
    Please send us more information concerning the terms of your business credit cards. Particularly, we are interested in interest rates, annual fees, and the process of obtaining a card, remittance requirements, and security measures available. Any additional information would also be appreciated.
    Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours truly,
    a. Collection letter
    b. Credit letter
    c. Adjustment letter
    d. Inquiry letter

    1. Dear Mr. Hassan,

    You are right to expect high-quality merchandise from ‘The Automatic Door Company’. We try to give you the best for your money and to stand behind our products when they fail as a result of defects in material and workmanship, as our warranty states.
    We appreciate your sending the door opener to us for analysis. It appears that the opener has got wet. Excess of moisture over a period of time causes this defect.
    Our service manager estimates that cleaning and repairing your door opener would cost Rs. 2500. Since your door opener is several years old, you may want to consider buying a new one. We have made many improvements to our door openers since yours was manufactured, including a sealed circuit board that would prevent the possibility of damage from moisture. A new door opener, which costs Rs. 3500.00 postpaid, should give you an even longer service than your old one did.
    Please let us know whether you want us to repair or replace your door opener.

    Yours sincerely,

    a. Collection letter
    b. Credit letter
    c. Adjustment letter
    d. Sales letter

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