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    GDB No 1…

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    I think it will be really hard to create one single language all could and importantly would used by all.

    All software today could be written in assembly, but it would mean getting up a website could take 6–12 months and probably cost a few million….

    If we ever had a single language all would use, that language would need to do 5 things really well.

    And while I have seen languages that can do 2–3 out of 5, I have never seen language that can do all 5.

    1. Have really low system overhead and compile to machine code on any platform.

    2. Have terse easy to learn syntax.

    3. Support all the programming paradigms. Procedural, object oriented & functional.

    4. Have really large ecosystem 3rd party packages and great developer tooling for solving any problem in any industry.

    5. Have highly performant bridge to call directly(no REST/JSON/SOAP/XML mess…) to any language. Even if we decided today to rewrite all software to this new miracle language it would take 10 years to modernize all the legacy stuff so integration needs to be seamless.

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    Just as the case of why there is no size of car that fits everyone’s needs, we cannot have a one programming language fits all case. In some cases we may be need a highly performance oriented programming language while compromising on simplicity and in some case we may favour simplicity over performance. It entirely depends on what we want to do.

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    Too many answers to this question have given examples of languages that aren’t really all that suited for all purposes; C, Assembly and Machine Language being the biggest examples. Sure, these are Turing complete, but they aren’t all that great for exploratory programming, or for prototyping, so they fail. Similarly, I like Python, and I’d suspect that I’d be at home with Ruby, but these languages define “getting close to the metal” as “Profile your programs, find the parts that run the most, and write those parts in C”. Hardly universal at all.

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    Not many developers seem to know that JavaScript.net was a thing years ago, and is still available in the .net Framework. You have always been able to set the server side language in ASP.net to JScript, do you could use the same language in web apps on the front and back end! Microsoft didn’t make it available in Visual Studio as a project type, as the wanted developers to use C#. This made sense at the time as .net was competing directly with Java.

    Today ES or Typescript can rule them all, as you can run it on the client, the server and database! Having said that you might not even need to write a backend anymore, as a backend as a service might cater for all your needs.

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    OCaML is The ONE!!! That’s why Facebook is widely using it (in the shape of ReasonML)

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    As a programer whenever you think about that the destination you reached! actually the the way of more learning is waiting for you…
    as like that pic will define you desire.


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    And finally, expert coders might want to learn languages like Rust or Scala that improve upon foundational languages (like C and Java). These two advanced languages are already very popular among experienced developers and likely to become even more important as time goes on and companies decide to build newer, more efficient applications.

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    Yes, you should check out the RapidAPI. RapidAPI is an online API marketplace that lets you find, test, and connect to thousands of APIs from one centralized location. By using RapidAPI, you can compare different APIs, see which one works best for your use case, and implement the API into your program in minutes.

    We recently merged the Mashape API marketplace into RapidAPI to form the world’s largest API marketplace. That means you can access 7,500+ APIs on one website.

    The beauty of a marketplace model, is that not only can you consume APIs, but you can also publish your own API to developers on our marketplace. Using RapidAPI, you can add billing on top of your API and start making money in minutes! If that interests you, you can learn more here.


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    Dear Students,

       GDB will be opened on Tuesday, August 06, 2019 and will remain open till Wednesday, August 07, 2019 you are required to attempt GDB as early as possible.

    GDB Problem:

    Given below is a list of popular programming languages in some specific domain:

    1.  Java in Android
    2.  Swift in IOS
    3.  C# .NET in Desktop Application
    4.  PHP in Web Applications
    5.  Python in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning
    6.  C in Embedded Programming/ System Programming

    Do you think in future a single language will be launched which will rule all the platforms and every programmer will use the same language to develop software solutions for all the domains.

    Do you support or oppose the above statement, justify your answer with two solid reasons in either case.

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