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    how to make money with the metaverse and how complete beginners are gonna make a hundred to 8 hundred dollars a day with no experience more than after the
    Welcome to Metavillay before we actually be able to remind you that metavillay.com have voted for this week’s free workshop where it’s the fastest and easiest way to make money online sign up for it in the link below we literally have a 37 year old go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days so check it out now so as of recently this video started blowing up about the metaverse just check it out actually do more than you could in your regular workshop and on top of all that it’s literally a place where you know facebook is just pivoting into you know augmented reality and virtual reality so that your day-to-day life you’re just like literally doing this and it’s just an ipad but without the actual ipad is just up and running in your face and it’s like a hologram that you could essentially connect with in and work with and it’s not just that you can even really press it put on your vr glasses and then just teleport to whatever it is that you just pressed on the thing it’s kind of like pretty insane right essentially what he wants to do is he wants to go ahead and combine you know virtual reality with the physical reality that we are in right now now when you have crazy things that happen just like that not only do you have something that’s insane and it’s huge for technological advancement you also have a lot of big opportunities to for example make money and this isn’t just you know like as of recently this if you literally look at history has always been the case for example the US/UK go and find the americans or they find america it’s literally all this like naked land and they go ahead and build businesses and the first families that went and built on america they were some of the most wealthiest people because they just had free reign and had like the most opportunity right because they had all this land think about like for example like i just saw this movie crazy rich asians right where like the people that were so rich were because you know their parents were the ones that went to singapore when it was literally just like malaria infested swamp lands and then turned it into all the crazy things right so there’s this always a huge opportunity whenever you’re kind of like first to do something same thing happened to people that got started in facebook ads in like 2013 or 2015.
    When i got started in facebook ads literally i was not the smartest person in the world but yet because i was in an
    opportunity before it actually went crazy it literally went from zero to five grand in 30 days to 1.6 million that first year and like i said it’s just what happens when a new thing ends up happening and understanding how to kind of like navigate through the water can literally make or break if you make
    a bunch of money or not and what I want to share with you is not only like several ways to make money uh for example with the metaverse especially as it matures but how i’m currently going to go ahead and leverage it and take the
    business that’s already succeeding for me where we’re generating you know a thousand dollars plus per day as you can see um from like the income from just like one of my businesses and just pivoting it into there right let’s actually break it down if you’re a complete beginner and you’re you’re kind of like fo mowing out you’re like oh my god you have this fear of missing out because everyone’s talking about the metaverse and you have no idea what the heck it is and you don’t understand it and you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity that could potentially change your life uh so you like one of the things you don’t want to do just go
    into things blind right so what would you do if you have no idea or experience whatsoever well before we actually go
    over the ways to make money with it number one you have to first be a user of the product right it’s very hard to invest in something that you don’t understand and i’m telling you this right now for me it was very hard for example when the crypto thing first blew up for me to invest in projects just
    because it sounded cool but for me not not actually understand it and warren buffett and charlie munger some of the best investors and business owners of the entire planet right they say that you want to go ahead and figure out what your zone of genius and your circle of competency is and get really good at that right so before we get into that
    like really do your research and understand what the heck the metaverse is right and understand that all it really is it’s uh iteration of the internet where it’s essentially instead of you logging into something or a laptop or like an ipad it’s essentially like kind of integrated with reality itself they use vr virtual reality augmented reality and there’s already
    platforms like for example vr chat or second life where this already exactly happens does that make sense and when
    that new frontier opens up what are the ways that people are making money with this well the first way is pretty much
    obvious if you’re not smart if you don’t have any skills then you just invest in the people that are smart and have those
    skills now even though this isn’t financial advice i’m not a financial advisor uh investing in anything is like risky the first way is like i said if you are not smart if you do not have any
    experience sometimes it’s just better to go ahead and for example invest in people that are smart and have that
    right that’s why when you literally go ahead and look at fool uh they literally talk about the top wants to go ahead and
    invest in to make money if you don’t have any skills whatsoever or any experience right the first one is the video which as you can see they’re a great gaming play a self-driving car technology as well but as you can see their biggest things is their processing units our gold standard in powering virtual reality games and on top of that they’ve already launched you know a metaverse style platform in 2019 so they’re already proven to work and they already have some success in the past so some of the best things actually get into is if you already have people that have a proven track record like for example elon musk he already had like spacex and Tesla and solarcity so whatever project that he probably gets into it’s probably like it’s i wouldn’t say safe bet because any investment is risky but you bet on like
    the leader instead of the actual idea does it make sense the second thing of course is like just throwing the money
    into facebook like i said this isn’t financial advice i’m not a financial advisor but you got to understand how for example valuable it could be when you are early like for example so many people try investing in certain apps on the apple store but what if you could invest in the apple store on the breaking level we already know that facebook is really really successful we already know facebook has a lot of money backing it and really good leadership to go ahead and keep on growing their business right so it’s almost like easy
    to say that what they’re doing right now they already have the infrastructure the users all of like the people that are
    already good at what they do and they’ve been investing in vr like over and over again every single year like it’s one of
    their biggest investments that they’re literally doing a bunch of research in so that would essentially be like investing in the apple store before the apple store became the apple store as long as you have some type of certainty that facebook can actually capitalize on what they say they are going to capitalize and the next one is just like unity software where it’s talking about like content right now so like the first
    level of actually making money is getting in early on an idea now of course this could also be the riskiest way to make money with the metaverse because like i said this is just an idea right now you don’t see grandmas and grandpas like walking around in vr sets like doing the holograms yet one of the hardest things to actually go ahead and do and this was the problem with vr in the past is uh people like when vr and
    virtual reality first came out everyone was so excited right but it was so much in the future of like where the rest of
    the world was it was too far in the adoption curve right so any product business or idea will have this product like adoption curve where literally no one knows about it no one knows about it no knows a little bit people know about it a little bit people know about now people are starting to tell about it now it’s critical mass and your mom and your
    grandma know about it right the best time to go ahead and get into an opportunity is actually right before it takes off not when it’s all the way over here because you got to be patient for like you know several years or decades right and in that time that you were patient you also had an opportunity cost of missing out on opportunities that could have made you easier money does that make sense well it seems this is the
    next step and that’s just then being patient and understanding when is the perfect time to actually jump in on it because another thing the second way to go ahead and make money with the metaverse is becoming one of the first
    users that really gets more users to be a part of it right uh the reason why is because there’s not that much competition and you’re almost like the only uh alternative peter thiel talks about it he’s like you want to get in a
    business well you’re kind of like the only alternative so even if you’re not the best people are going to go to you
    right it’s like if we’re going to open up a hot dog stand right and you were able to do whatever you could make the
    best hot dogs you could make the biggest hot dogs the only thing that I would want to require even if i had the crappiest hot dogs is if i could have a starving market meaning if i’m like in front of a bar at 2am when all the you know restaurants are closed and even though i have crappy uh you know hot dogs they’re still going to buy this only option right and that’s essentially what happened like with influencers on certain platforms like for example tick tock right there wasn’t that much you know influences on tick tock so the people that were early that were just
    kind of like a little bit special but not too much special ended up blowing up like you could see that’s what for example happened to the dm milo family they were just normal ordinary people I think from like arkansas not arkansas
    but like new hampshire or like some like northeastern places in america just like your typical average person that’s just
    like dance right like a normal person and then ended up blowing up to getting over 129 million followers and her net worth blew up to like 8 million right just because she was early in play right but again remember you don’t want to be too early because i remember there was this app that was blowing up here in bali it was called clubhouse right where it was like get in a clubhouse go to the clubhouse like everyone was talking about clubhouse and now i don’t hear
    anyone talking about clubhouse so another thing is like i said you want to pick the opportunity but don’t be too early uh where you know you’re just wasting your time j albers was kind of like this for instagram right he was the first person to like post pictures of him in bali and traveling and that’s
    kind of like what got him so much followers because he was kind of like the only person doing that on instagram
    now everyone is doing it on instagram so it doesn’t make it as special and this is kind of like what accidentally
    happened to me on youtube i was just making content on youtube making content on youtube and i kid you not it wasn’t until i started talking about shopify did i get like half a million views in like a couple of weeks and i was like
    what the heck and ever since that video my life forever changed because I was early to a trend and this is something that you guys got to take into account when the metaverse is coming in sometimes just being early and waiting and seeing what are the opportunities going in that’s like one of the best ways to go ahead and think about it right and one of the best opportunities to understand is you guys got to see what are the influencers doing because when the
    influencers like for example this girl or this guy go ahead and make you know a change and start you know doing things
    for example the metaverse and selling products and services that’s when you know is actually a very lucrative time
    to actually hop on right and what my business model is it’s like just an advertising play so essentially my business model is is i want to go and find an ad platform like facebook
    youtube google where i want to spend one dollar and then turn that into three dollars by selling products that i don’t have to create so it’s affiliate marketing right where you could essentially find products like for example on clickbank
    for free where you could actually if I literally go ahead and click on this there’s literally a bunch of supplements and physical products and digital products that are paying out 114 dollars per commission right and it’s exactly how people in our community like dina at age 47 or greg at age 58 or even francisco from chile where the average income is 500 a month go from zero to 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks with products that they don’t have to create so the opportunity is is when influencers start moving into the
    metaverse right there’s gonna be like an ad platform where essentially allows you to sell products or services or other
    people’s products and services um in the form of commerce because that’s how money is generated someone goes ahead and buys a product for exchange of you know a product or someone creates you know the network like for example you know jay alvarez right who charges 20 000 per post and a business would essentially pay him 20 grand to go ahead and borrow his audience to sell their product right so it’s either you sell a product or you create you know a network where you could sell advertisement to businesses so that they could sell their product and that’s essentially how businesses is so when metaverse kind of like hits you
    know that tipping point which is right here they’re gonna open up a ad platform there’s probably gonna be a bunch of like influencers that are now selling their products and services that’s the past time to actually jump in for me even though this isn’t financial advice i’m not a financial advisor to go ahead and turn this one dollar in products i don’t have to sell to three dollars and like i said it’s exact same business model that people in our community go from zero to 30 grand a month in five day weeks right now it’s even the exact same business model that allows me as you can see today we pulled in five grand and even a couple days ago we pulled in like five grand and the day before we pulled in like was that like 10 grand right uh and that’s just understanding the opportunity when it actually hits but right now in my
    opinion i feel like the metaverse is a little bit too early and sometimes when you’re way too early you might have to
    take decades before your opportunity actually comes and right now there’s actually a brand new opportunity where
    it’s actually hitting this part right here and that’s exactly how all these people are going from zero to 30 grand a
    month in five day weeks with no experience whatsoever because it’s just way in the beginning of the adoption
    curve and if you want to know what that opportunity is just sign up for this week’s free workshop below as well check
    out this video on this podcast right here hopefully it’s helpful if you guys see you guys later

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