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    (Semester/ Classes Commencement Date: Monday, November 01, 2021)

    The link for “Course Selection” will be active/ available w.e.f. Friday, October 29, 2021, under “Student Services” tab in VULMS. The students are advised to log-in to their VULMS account and select their course(s) immediately or before the semester commencement date. However, last date to add/drop course(s) will be Wednesday, November 10, 2021. Tuition fee voucher issued after this date shall not be revised.


    Newly Admitted Students [Fall 2021 session], enrolled in the 1st semester of their respective study program, are given pre-selected courses. BS Bioinformatics students are advised to contact Department in case of any query related 1st semester course selection.
    Student Admitted based on Entry Route/ Course Exemptions: Students admitted based on Entry Route or Course Exemption option shall make their course selection by him/her-self using course selection link given in LMS. Failing to enroll course will be marked in-active.
    EXISTING/ CONTINUING STUDENTS shall make their course selection as mentioned above. Failing to enroll any course(s) he/she will be treated as “Inactive Student” during the semester and a fine will also be imposed under “Semester Freeze Rules”.
    Course/ workload (Credit Hours) limits have been prescribed and published separately for each study program in “Course Selection Rules” in given “Student Handbook”. Students must read the rules carefully before making their course selection.

    Students are directed to follow the prescribed “semester wise study scheme” of their respective study program so that their scholarship eligibility may not effect (See Scholarship Rules).
    Continuously enrolling maximum course/workload in each semester does not mean that a study program can be completed earlier than its minimum prescribed residential requirement.
    Course Pre-requisite Rule requires enrollment and qualifying of Basic/Introductory courses before enrolling an advanced level course. Therefore, said rule must be followed and given due care while making course selection.
    Students with blocked VULMS (due to non-payment of fee) will not be allowed to make their course selection unless they deposit their outstanding dues and get their LMS accounts active from Accounts Department.
    Grade Improvement Policy encourages the students to repeat ‘F’ or ‘D’ grade courses, if any, on priority basis in subsequent semester(s); within maximum credit hours limit for the respective semester ha to be followed. However, for all MS/ MPhil programs, ‘F’, ‘D’, ‘C’ and even ‘B-’ grade courses can be enrolled for improvement of grade.

    Qualified “D” grade course(s) can be repeated for improvement only once during the entire study program. In case of MS/ MPhil program, the same rule applies on courses qualified with ‘D’, ‘C’ and ‘B-’ grades.
    Failed course(s) can be repeated until qualified.
    Improved/better grade of a course will substitute/replace the previous/lower grade and eventually increase the CGPA. However, in case of non-improvement of grade, the previous better grade will stand and counted towards CGPA calculation.
    Maximum & Minimum time duration for the Completion of Program: Students are advised to complete program as per the prescribed minimum and maximum time duration for the completion program.
    BS Mass Communication & BS Psychology: Internship and research project is mandatory for all students of BS Mass Communication and BS Psychology w-e-f spring 2019 batch.
    THESIS: MS/ MPhil student intend to select or enrolled are advised to consult respective teacher/Department.
    Project/ Internship/Teaching Practice: Students intends to enroll Project/ Internship/ Teaching Practice course as per study scheme are directed to firstly read selection eligibility criteria given in Course Selection rules. For any matter related to Project/ Internship/ Teaching Practice are directed to consult respective teacher/Department.
    Declaration: I hereby acknowledge that I have read and completely understood the above rules and guidelines including course selection, scholarship, and Semester Freeze rules etc. I understand that I shall be responsible for the consequence of violation of said rules and thus promise to abide by the rules framed by the University time to time.

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