• GDB-CS101 The interface is an important part of any machine that enables humans to interact with the system easily. With the advancement in technology, the way of operating machines is changing. We are now able to operate various machines through voice commands, eye movement and body gestures, etc. a good application of this advancement can be found in “Vehicle Driving” where plenty of research is carried out to develop vehicles that can be operated without much human interaction. Two of the most common approaches for developing such vehicles are given below:
    Approach 1:
    To develop such vehicles which can be operated by using an interface (like a sensor-mounted cap) that takes instructions directly from the human brain.
    Approach 2:
    To develop autonomous that can operate themselves by sensing the surrounding environment and moving without any human interaction.

    In your opinion, which of these approaches is more suitable for real-time implementation of Vehicle driving. Justify your choice with solid reasoning.

    As per my view or opinion, use of approach 1 is better.
    A vehicle is developed and operated by a mind and which is far better than full automated.
    This technology is the result of research into using brain decoding technology to predict a driver’s actions and detect discomfort. It enhances driver performance, enabling them to reach their full driving potential, while maintain control.
    Machines are also invention of human mind. No matter how innovation they made in reasoning, automated vehicle cannot reason as human mind can. It will first analyze situation then plan and at the end they form action. In real time emergency situation, anything can happen before its action. Human mind is extremely fast and can directly instruct vehicle to respond in emergency situation.

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