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    Although many of the members already have provided the detail in this regard, I am just sharing the process of PayPal ID creation from Pakistan Without the help of any agent or mamu.

    1. First of All, Get a UK based address (a registered address costs £12/per month)

    2. Order a UK SIM ( use GiffGaff) at your UK Address, and get forwarded to your Pakistani address) you can also use Vyke, DingTone, and TextNow for Digital Numbers.

    3. Register your UK based Limited company at HMRC-Gov-dot-uk) (£12/ onetime Fee)

    4. You can pay both fees (UK Address and HMRC-GOV-UK) with your Pakistani Debit/ credit card (u can use UBL Wiz Virtual Card, which is accepted Internationally for e-payments)

    5. Apply for UK Bank account ( u can useTransferWise Bank for Business account and Monzo Bank for Personal Bank Account) with your Pakistani Passport and UK Address and UK Number.

    6. After approval of the Bank account activate your New UK bank’s Debit card. (Make at-least one transaction to generate/download bank statement)

    7. Purchase a UK VPS service (Costing $12/Per month)

    8. Connect to you UK VPS Server and Apply for PayPal Business account with your company detail

    9. For Verification submit your company registration document and company’s bank statement.

    10. And enjoy your fully verified PAYPAL.

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