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    CS 402 GDB 1 SOLUTION FALL 2020
    Finite Automata
    = PDA with finite stack.
    = TM with finite tape.
    = TM with unidirectional tape.
    = TM with read only tape.

    PDA = Finite Automata with Stack

    Turing Machine
    = PDA with additional stack.
    = FA with 2 stacks.
    The Applications of these Automata are given as follows:

    1. Finite Automata (FA) –
      • For the designing of lexical analysis of a compiler.
      • For recognizing the pattern using regular expressions.
      • For the designing of the combination and sequential circuits using Mealy and Moore Machines.
      • Used in text editors.
      • For the implementation of spell checkers.

    2. Push Down Automata (PDA) –
      • For designing the parsing phase of a compiler (Syntax Analysis).
      • For implementation of stack applications.
      • For evaluating the arithmetic expressions.
      • For solving the Tower of Hanoi Problem.

    3. Linear Bounded Automata (LBA) –
      • For implementation of genetic programming.
      • For constructing syntactic parse trees for semantic analysis of the compiler.

    4. Turing Machine ™
      • For solving any recursively enumerable problem.
      • For understanding complexity theory.
      • For implementation of neural networks.
      • For implementation of Robotics Applications.
      • For implementation of artificial intelligence.

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