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    Get a life-changing opportunity in higher educational Institutes of Korea. Global Korea Scholarship 2021 for Undergraduate Students is a fully-funded scholarship for International students. The aim of this scholarship is to create goodwill between Korea and the participating country. The Global Korea Scholarship in South Korea was previously known as the Korean Government Scholarship Program.

    This scholarship known as the Global Korea Scholarship would assist international students to get an associate and Bachelor’s degree on full financial aid. Since 1967, from more than 148 countries, Korea has supported approximately 6,556 International students. Annually 2000 international students get financial aid from the Korean government.

    Among OCED countries, Korea ranks at the top for education achievement and competitiveness. In automobiles, semiconductors, machinery, and chemicals, Korea is found to possess technical skills. Studying in Korea on the KGSP scholarship for undergraduate students would open the door for a bright future and a path towards a successful career. There are two types of scholarships offered by the Korean government, Embassy track and university track.

    Embassy Track Criteria:

    Global Korea scholarship invites 125 fortunate international students from 67 countries to begin their Bachelor’s degree. Before becoming a successful candidate for GSK, Korean Embassy screens the candidate for the 1st selection process.

    University Track Criteria:

    Among 72 countries, 60 international students are invited by the Korean government for the Bachelor’s degree, and 35 international for an associate degree. In order to get selected for the scholarship, a candidate must pass the 1st selection phase.

    Global Korea Scholarship 2021Details:
    Host Country:
    Funded By:
    Korean Government
    Degree Level:
    Bachelor’s Degree
    Associate Degree

    GKS-U Duration:
    5 years of Bachelor’s Degree Scholarship (Korean language program for 1 year)
    3 to 4 years of Associate Degree Scholarship (Korean language program for 1 year)
    No. of KGPS Scholarship:
    220 Scholarships in Korea for International Students
    Available University for GKS South Korea Scholarship 2021:

    Global Korea Scholarship Benefits:
    A free return air ticket.
    Settlement Allowance will be provided, 200,000 KRW
    Monthly Allowance will be provided, 900,000 KRW
    Fully covered 1-Year Korean Language Training Fee
    University Admission fees waiver
    Medical Insurance will be provided, 60,000 KRW/month
    Korean Proficiency Grants will be provided, 100,000 KRW/month
    Degree Completion Grants will be provided once, 100,000 KRW

    Eligibility Criteria of the Korean Government Scholarship Program?
    A candidate must be a citizen of Global Korea Scholarship partner countries.
    A candidate should not hold Korean citizenship or dual citizenship.
    A get limit is under 25 years.
    A candidate must be a high school graduate.
    A candidate should maintain his GPA in order to sustain the scholarship.
    A candidate should be medically fit.
    Selection Criteria of GKS South Korea 2021:
    In the 1st round of selection, the Korean Embassy or university would review the applications according to the selection criteria.
    In the 2nd round of selection, the Selection Committee would conduct a selection
    among candidates who successfully passed the 1st round.
    The candidate who would pass from round 3, they will get admission in one of the universities they applied for.
    Required Documents for GKS Undergraduate Scholarship 2021:
    GKS-U Applicant Form
    Personal Statement (How to write a Personal Statement)
    Study Plan
    TWO letters of Recommendation
    GKS Applicant Agreement
    Personal Medical Assessment
    Certificate of High school graduation (or expected graduation certificate)
    High school Grade Transcripts
    Applicant‟s Proof of Citizenship Document
    Applicant‟s Parent‟s Proof of Citizenship Document Required passport copy, and etc.
    Awards and other certificates (Optional)
    Certificate of valid TOPIK score (Optional)
    Certificate of valid English Proficiency Test (Optional)
    Proof of Korean War Veteran‟s Descendant (ONLY for descendants of Korean War Veterans)
    Proof of Overseas Korean Document / Proof of Korean (Adoptee Document ONLY for overseas Korean or Korean adoptees)
    Proof of Korean Citizenship Renunciation Document (ONLY for previous Korean citizenship holders)

    How to Apply for Global Korea Scholarship for International Students 2021?
    Candidates have choices to apply in two types of institutions:

    67 Embassies of the Republic of Korea (Embassy track)
    30 Korean Universities designated by NIIED (University Track)
    Embassy tracks candidates should apply for admission to the Korean Embassy according to their citizenship. They can apply for 3 different universities through embassy track criteria. Candidates should update themselves by contacting the Korean embassy in their home country about application acceptance.

    University track candidates should apply to any eligible Korean universities for this scholarship online. Students can apply for only one desired university through university track criteria.

    If a candidate sends his or her application to more than one institution mentioned above, his /her application would not be considered.

    For more information, must-read 2021 GKS-U Application Guidelines, and 2021 GKS-U-FAQ.docx.

    Application Deadline:
    For Embassy track criteria, candidates need to take an update from the Korean embassy in their home country, as they all have a different application deadline.
    For University track criteria, candidates need to take an update from eligible universities for GKS from the official website.

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