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    Windows 10X was originally meant for foldable and dual-screen devices, but last year Microsoft announced it was reworking the software for single screen PCs. The result looks to be an experience that will provide users with access to Microsoft services in a more affordable package.

    We’re expecting the first Windows 10X devices to launch later this year, but an exact timeframe hasn’t been revealed. Similarly, we’re not sure how much these devices will cost, but if we had to venture a guess they’ll be in the $400 to $700 range.

    In Windows Central’s video, we get a good idea of what using Windows 10 will be like, from the reworked taskbar to running progressive web apps (PWA). The video demonstrates some of the software’s settings, the process of installing a PWA, and running apps side-by-side. It’s an interesting glimpse at what Microsoft has planned for those who want a more lightweight, tablet-esque experience.

    Windows 10X isn’t something you’ll be able to upgrade to. Rather, the software will come pre-installed on new machines similar to laptops that run Chrome OS. If you’ve been tempted by a Chromebook but are embedded in Microsoft’s ecosystem, the arrival of Windows 10X will be exactly what you’re looking for.

  • this is what windows 10 tablet mode should be

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