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Intended Readers: All students in the project, who are eligible for final viva voce examination in Fall 2020 Semester.

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    All the eligible Groups/Students are advised to properly follow these instructions:

    1. Since viva mode is Skype. So you must ensure Skype installed and working properly in your PC/Laptop. You must ensure the Skype is working properly for video call (with screen sharing). Also download Team Viewer so that in case of any issue with Skype, the viva can be conducted via Team Viewer easily. Your Mic, Headphones/Speakers, and Web Cam should be in working condition. If you do not have a Web Cam, then try to arrange it for your final viva. You can also check the following page to make an android phone as a Web Cam:

    2. Make sure you test Skype/Team Viewer now, so that your viva can be conducted smoothly and within the scheduled time. Add your project supervisor in your Skype contacts. If you don’t have your project supervisor Skype ID, then contact the project supervisor via Email to get it well ahead of your scheduled viva. In case of any issue, contact your project supervisor via Skype. Here are some guideline links for Skype and Team Viewer:
      Skype Installation Guide
      Share Screen in Skype
      Team Viewer Manual (PDF)

    3. When your time starts, you should start the Video Call with your project supervisor on Skype. Otherwise your viva will not be conducted. Skype ID of each project supervisor is already provided in the schedule file. So, you should add your project supervisor in Skype if not already done. Also rename your Skype Name to your VU Student ID as it will be easy for your viva session.

    4. You must have your final presentation and final report. Make sure your presentation file is complete.

    5. Keep your identification documents with you (VU ID Card, CNIC).

    Note 1: If any student is eligible for final viva exam but is not included in the current schedule, then such student will be scheduled soon, so please wait for it.
    Note 2: If any student is eligible for viva exam but the student cannot find his/her student id in the schedule, then such student should contact respective project supervisor within 5 days of this announcement.

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