• The highest grade at least in time was an A*. I got A’s, only half grade difference. Sure there were some minor gaps that prevented my A* but the difference is negligible and I just didn’t like academics to begin with which is the likely reason I didn’t strive for an A*.

  • @kinza-butt Seems strange that you weren’t able to still achieve the highest grades then. Surely being receptive would aid you in this with minimal effort, more so than other people, who are not as ‘naturally’ in tuned as you are? Either way, don’t fret. They’ll defo give us this option.

  • I didn’t leave anything until last minute, I just learnt very quick and didn’t need to revise endlessly to remember it all, some people are just naturally more receptive. If they do offer people a chance to appeal/take an actual test then that would be beneficial for all I guess

  • @kinza-butt Sounds a bit strange to me, dude. A-Levels are designed to punish those that leave everything to the last minute. But if it’s exams that you seek, they’ll likely offer exams after the initial results day where you can achieve them if you aren’t happy with teacher assessments.

  • @ozair That isn’t true cause in mock exams I regularly didn’t even try cause I saw it as a waste of time which they ultimately are. I only ever put effort into the actual exams. My predictions were always C’s and I didn’t get a single one

  • @kinza-butt
    If you got As in your tests, then you’ll get As predicted, sis. They’ll be measures put into place that’ll force this, I reckon.

  • True, I’ve been given low grades & effort grades on report cards but that’s because I don’t raise my hand & contribute in class despite knowing the content well & being able to do well in exams.

  • Completely will shaft those like me who found it too easy in school until it came to test time when I got A’s. But my teachers woulda pegged me as dumb due to how often I got bored in classes. Teachers grades simply ain’t worth anything let’s be honest

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