• Life is a good book)
    Book, is the tool that made a man philosopher. A book, that tells man the difference between right and wrong .The book that makes man a commentator.
    “ Take a good book to bed with you books do not snore.”
     life:
    They say it’s from B to D ,
    From BIRTH to DEATH,
    But what’s between B and D?
    It’s a “C”
    So, what’s a “C”? It is a CHOICE.
    Our Life is a matter of Choices, Life well and it will never go wrong.

    “LIFE IS Learning Independence For Future Empowerment.”

    According to what we read about life and the book above, we can call life a book?
    Of course! We can say, Life is a great book.
    Doesn’t life teach us its own principles? Is it necessary to read a book to learn about life? I think life is a book itself. Life strikes us thousands of time. Life brings us down, makes us cry and then takes care of itself. You know why the wise says that:
    “Wisdom doesn’t comes from the almond box but from the stumbling block.”
    Life doesn’t show us its principles written on the lines but shows us in practice itself. Life teaches even those who do not know how to read books.” People who learn from the book of life have white hair from the root. But the book of rows just whiten the edges of the hair.”

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