• HTTP2 has huge speed improvements over HTTP with multiple request. Most browsers already support HTTP2 over SSL (HTTPS).

    can refer to server manual for guides on how to use HTTP2.

  • @zaasmi Thanks for being brave and publishing this Troy :) Every site I migrate to HTTPS all see speed improvements. Is it because they are running over HTTP/2? Yes, of course it is. Because of the better multiplexing, parallelism, HPACK compression (Huffman encoding), ALPN extension, server push, etc., it now makes up for that TLS overhead. And finally getting rid of some of the hacks like domain sharding and concatenation is a plus in my opinion.

    Whenever anyone asks me why they should migrate to HTTPS I respond with this:

    1. Performance benefits with HTTP/2
    2. Slight ranking and SEO benefit (I don’t care how much it is, anyone in SEO will take any advantage they can get)
    3. The obvious, better security. Even WordPress blogs shouldn’t be passing login info in plain text. The arguments that blogs don’t need HTTPS is ridiculous. Any information information no matter where it is passed should always be encrypted, whether it is credit card data, usernames, passwords, etc.
    4. Better trust and reliability. “28.9% look for the green address bar.” – GlobalSign
    5. And the last reason which I don’t see mentioned very often but is very important, and that is referral data. HTTPs to HTTP referral data is blocked in Google Analytics and usually ends up in the black hole of “direct traffic.” If someone is going from HTTPS to HTTPS the referrer is still passed.
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    HTTP vs HTTPS Test

    WoW look at the difference!

    Check out HTTP vs HTTPS Test

    Oct-22-2020 15-39-04.mp4
    Oct-22-2020 15-39-52.mp4

    Well, almost, let’s address the “It’s not fair” whingers. The HTTPS test is faster because it uses HTTP/2 whist the HTTP test only uses HTTP/1.1. The naysayers are upset because they think the test should be comparing both the secure and insecure scheme across the same version of the protocol. Now we could do that with the old protocol, but here’s the problem with doing it across the newer protocol:

    HTTP/2 is only supported over TLS (HTTPS). See also the precursor of HTTP/2, the SPDY protocol, which has been deprecated and removed from most browsers, in favor of HTTP/2.
    1Partial support in Internet Explorer refers to being limited to Windows 10.
    2Partial support in Safari refers to being limited to OS X 10.11 El Capitan and newer.
    3Only supports HTTP/2 if the server supports protocol negotiation via ALPN.

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