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    Question Title Folk Music in Pakistan
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    Folk is basically a term used to describe all sorts of musical, oral and cultural traditions from specific regions and societies across the world. A broad general definition of “folk” music is that it is music of the “folk” or of the people. In recent years, new songs have changed the music in Pakistan and the songs that trend now are loud and meaningless for the most part.


    Do you think that Folk music is at risk of fading out because modern tunes have dominated the music of Pakistan? Discuss in logical manner.

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    The form of a folk song as heard at any one time, however, is likely to have been very much affected by the entire community because of its life in oral tradition. Once introduced, a song could be easily dropped from the repertory. More likely, however, as it was passed from parents to children and to friends and associates and coworkers, it would be changed. Numerous influences acted on a song, including creativity, forgetfulness, previously learned songs, and stylistic expectations. As a result, it might become shorter or more like new styles of popular or church music, for example. Any new song would be likely to undergo this process of communal re-creation. An important characteristic of a song or piece in traditional folk culture is, thus, its dependence on acceptance by a community—that is, by a village, nation, or family—and its tendency to change as it is passed from one individual to another and performed.

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