• What is meant by OOS rate / Out of Stock Rate?*
    The % of items that a seller cancels once the order is received
    The % of products canceled by Daraz
    The % of products which have canceled by the customer
    The number of products deleted by a seller

    If a seller only receives 10 orders having 1 item per order in a period of 2 weeks and the seller cancels 4 of these orders, what will the seller OOS rate be?*
    How will a seller’s daily order limit be affected if a seller has an OOS rate of > 6 % in an operational scorecard cycle?*
    Daily order limit will be set to 10,000
    Daily order limit will not be affected
    Daily order limit will be set to 0, meaning a seller will no longer be able to take any orders for a period of 4 days and until the seller clears the relisting test.
    None of the above

    When is the operational performance of a seller measured?*
    Bi-monthly (1st - 14th and 15th - last day of the month)

    What is meant by the daily order limit?*
    The number of orders a seller is allowed to get in a day.
    The number of orders that a seller needs to process in a day
    The number of products a seller needs to have in stock on a given day
    All of the above

    If a product’s stock is near 0 , what should a seller do?*
    Set the current stock to the maximum value
    Check the stock in inventory dedicated to Daraz and add/subtract that to the available stock
    Delete the product
    Arrange additional stock inventory while making no changes to the available stock value on the seller centre.

    In cases where an order is received on a product where ‘available stock’ > 0 and a seller doesn’t have the item, What should a seller do? (This is just an example and reaching such a situation is highly discouraged by Daraz)*
    Ship a similar item to the customer
    Cancel the order
    Cancel the order, set available stock to 0 and make sure all other products actually have the stock which you have mentioned.
    All of the above

    What happens when orders against a product are consistently canceled because the item is out of stock?*
    Nothing Happens
    You will get a warning
    The product won’t be visible to the customers anymore
    The product will be deactivated permanently
    Where can a seller find the current stock of their products?*
    Products Tab > Manage Products tab > Hover over any row from the “Available” column
    Products Tab > Manage products tab > Hover over any row from the “SKU” column
    Orders tab
    None of the above

    What financial penalty does a seller get if a product is canceled by the seller after changing its status to “ready to ship” ?*
    750 PKR fine per instance
    80 PKR fine per instance
    50 PKR fine per instance where the maximum amount deducted cannot exceed 10% of the total payout for the cycle.
    500 PKR fine per instance where the maximum amount deducted cannot exceed 10% of the total payout for the cycle.
    Why do you think your performance was outside Daraz Standard?*

    What steps will you be taking to bring your performance within Daraz Standard?*

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