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    AOA everybody!

    Well, this is often one serious issue. Many of you almost certainly received an email from Payoneer today informing that each one transactions and withrawals are “temporarily” blocked which all available funds are being held. this is often supposedly thanks to Wirecard AG (their payment processor) going bankrupt recently.

    Earlier today, before knowing about all this, I visited a store to urge something and my card was indeed rejected. I thought: meh, their terminal must be broke, and now I’m finding this out…

    My personal situation immediately is terrible. Payoneer is holding all my funds and blocking all possible transactions or withdrawals, in 3 days all earnings are going their way (yeah, they are doing not block incoming payments) and that i process all my freelance payments through their service. Some pretty ugly scenario, as you’ll imagine.

    Is anybody browsing an identical situation? Should I blitz change everything to Paypal before the top of the month? Any tips?

    Thanks guys!

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