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    Re: MKT724 GDB 1 Solution and Discussion

    Learning Objective

    The basic objective of this discussion is

    To familiarize students about the branding in digital age

    Learning Outcome

    After participating in this GDB;

    Student will learn the changing trends in branding
    Students will understand the opportunities marketers may avail to improve their brands communication owing to a shift of marketers towards online businesses

    Modern age of digitalization has transformed the ways marketers are doing their businesses. Social media has played a great role in improving brand knowledge among masses. Digitalization of businesses achieved a sudden increase owing to pandemic COVID-19. All businesses, small or large have been shifted towards internet and are providing their products and services online. This change has provided opportunities to marketers to expand their customer base and increase sales.

    Point of Discussion

    You are required to discuss that how this shift of marketers to online mode of business has provided them the opportunities to improve their brand awareness and brand communication?

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