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    CS001 VU-Computer Proficiency License Assignment 2 Solution & Discussion Spring 2020

    CS001 Assignment 2 Solution idea:

    Computer Proficiency License


    Assignment # 02

    Total marks = 15 Deadline Date 15th June 2020

    Question No 01 7 marks

    Suppose you are working as an IT manager in an IT and electronics company; you are required to write a commercial sales letter to one of your customers (Letter format has been well explained through a template/figure below) using Microsoft Word.

    Consider the following requirements while writing the letter:

    Insert the system date at the specified location.
    Insert a permission request for your team for the installation of the network and UPS.
    Insert a table stating the customer’s complete order details.


    Dear Sir,

    Wednesday,June 10,2020

    Thank you for your electronics goods order

    Sr. No Description Unit Price Quantity Total Price
    1 Hp Laptop i7 70,000 10 700,000
    2 APCSmart-UPS 1500VA 2U Rack Mount 18,000 2 36,000
    Total 736,000

    The two person team bearer of this letter is deputed to attend the installattion and networking, work at your premises, kindly extent them necessary and oblige.

    Your faithfully,

    Name VU ID

    IT Manager, XYZ electronics, Rawalpindi.

    Question No 02 8 marks

    Write the keyboard shortcut keys for the following actions in Microsoft Word:


    Sr. No Action Shortcut key
    1 Search a document Ctrl+F
    2 Justify a paragraph Ctrl+J
    3 Decrease font size Ctrl+[
    4 Bulleted list Ctrl+Shift+L
    5 Open the Font dialog box Ctrl+Shift+F
    6 Increase font size Ctrl+]
    7 Switch to the next window Alt+Tab
    8 Insert a copyright symbol Ctrl+Alt+C
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