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    Re: CS507 Assignment 2 Solution and Discussion
    Question no 1: (6+4 marks)
    A system is a collection of components that are combined with the common purpose of achieving
    certain goal. Consider a National University that employs a Learning Management System (LMS) to
    manage the high-quality online education to its students.
    (a) You need to enlist the components that this system should typically be composed of along
    with at least one example of the task that each component handles. (3+3)
    (b) You need to identify the requirements for above LMS to be considered as Open-Loop System
    and Closed-Loop System. (2+2)
    Question no 2: (5+5 marks)
    ZMJ Limited is a multi-national organization for sports items having its manufacturing facilities in
    different countries across the globe. The company sells the products in global market and currently
    has the market share of 30%. Recently management has realized that manual operations in their
    organization have become costly and inefficient in terms of inter-departmental communications and
    coordination, customer satisfaction and general overview of the organization ‘s business is difficult
    to capture. It has been decided to introduce a Computer Based Information System (CBIS)
    throughout the organization that should be capable to handle the information requirements of whole
    business life cycle of the company. Your task is to identify at least five distinct departments in the
    organization and the right information system for each of the department. You answer should include
    the one benefit of each information system proposed.
    Note: Your answer must be in a tabular format with four columns, One for Serial No, one for department,
    one for Information system and one for benefit of the Information system.

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