• Re: CS625 Assignment 2 Solution and Discussion

    Assignment No. 02

    Semester: Spring 2020
    CS625 – Professional Practices
    Total Marks: 15

    Due Date: 12/06/2020

    Assignment no. 1 covers Lectures of Week# 5 to 7.

    Objectives of Assignment:

    • To understand the idea of the Human Resources Management
    • To understand the idea of Intellectual Property Rights
    • To understand the Organization Financial Practices

    Uploading instructions:

    • Your assignment must be in .doc or docx format.(Any other formats like scan images, PDF, Zip, rar, bmp, etc will not be accepted).
    • No assignment will be accepted through email.

    Rules for Marking:

    It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

    • The assignment is submitted after due date.
    • The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupted.
    • Your assignment is copied from internet, handouts or from any other student
    (Strict disciplinary action will be taken in this case).

    Question 1 (5 Marks)

    Suppose you are a manager of an organization and you want to develop a model of Human resource management in such a way that:

    1. Employee shows commitment to work earnestly for the organization and to manage himself/herself in achieving the organization goals
    2. All managers are responsible for the Human resource management.
    3. How the maximum utilization of Human resource can be available to the enterprise.

    What will be the salient features of this model of Human resource management through which all of the above can be achieved?

    Question 2 (5 Marks)

    Suppose two students, (Zubair and Ali) are doing a research project together. Between the two Zubair is the most punctual, hardworking student and does all the project work on time and completes it. Upon completion of the project he prepares a document containing all the information related to that project. Now on submitting the document he finds out that Ali has already submitted the same document before him with a different name and claims that he himself has made it. Which type of fraud does Zubair has to face from Ali in this regard? Justify your answer with solid reason.

    Question 3 (5 Marks)

    Suppose a group of fellow’s student graduated from an XYZ university as software engineers decides to set up a company which will provide software services to the clients. For that purpose they have invested a huge amount of money (capital) for starting up their business. Now in the starting period of a company in which area does the capital will be required? List at least five.

    NOTE: Submit “.doc” file only. Every student should provide his/her own work, exact copying of the assignment (or some portion of the assignment) from the internet or other students will lead to copy case and zero marks will be awarded. Do not put any query on MDB about this assignment, if you have any query, then email us at [email protected]

    Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted on or before 12/06/2020.

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