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    Re: CS615 Assignment 2 Solution and Discussion
    QUESTION 1: Many software project managers learn about the so called managers’ skills and concepts that are actually myths. You are required to differentiate the myth and reality and write in the below table.

    A. Available resource either best or worst. Make project successful in a combined effort.

    B. A general statement of objectives is sufficient to begin work on the software project.

    C. Appointment of more (extra) resources to complete project according to the given schedule.

    D. Software applications are very much flexible, so stakeholder (client) or project manager can change software project requirements at any phase of the development.

    E. Implementing client-server architecture or web enabling an application considered to run software projects smoothly.

    F. When combined the best and worst resources, this drags down the productivity and efficiency of the software project. Moreover, it increases the completion time.

    G. It is must to ensure that information about interface constraints, functions, assumptions, performance and validation criteria collected by software project manager. Because detailed and formal project description of customer requirements required before start the project.

    H. Appointment of additional resources such as people in a software project development process delayed the project.

    I. Delaying the project completion time, because adding additional resources required time to understand the software requirements, design and standards required for this particular project.

    J. Change in the application’s requirements during the construction phase, actually increases the cost of the project at a high level.

    K. Different application development approaches have unique advantages and disadvantages. So considering a single technology platform, architecture or language as one point solution is not a good idea.


    Myth Reality
    A F
    B G
    C H
    D I
    F K
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