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    CS711– Software Design
    Assignment No.1
    Maximum marks: 50
    Due Date: 03 June, 2020
    The purpose of this assignment is to give you hands on practice. It is expected that students will solve the assignments themselves. Following rules will apply during the evaluation of assignment.
    • Cheating from any source will result in zero marks in the assignment.
    • Any student found cheating in any of the two assignments submitted will be awarded “F” grade in the course.
    • No assignment after due date will be accepted through email

    Consider an Interactive Technical Education and Vocational Training (I-TEVT) System that will be developed to provide an easy to access platform for technical education and vocational training to students that cannot approach any of the conventional training institutes or cannot afford due to financial or any other reason.
    The application will be based on video lectures (for theoretical concepts) and virtual reality based practical labs. Students will be able to use the application through web browser on desktop PC and also through smart devices. The application will provide training at various levels from basic to advance. During training, student will have to take multiple quizzes for learning assessment purpose. Once a student has taken all the classes at a certain level, he will have to pass final paper (comprising of MCQs) to move into the next level just like the conventional model that is followed so far. Furthermore, based on the evaluation of the student, the guidelines e.g. weak areas will also be suggested for his/her guidance.
    Note that application also offers Application Programming Interface (API), so that if any institute wants to purchase it, the institute could integrate the application with its existing systems. All the lectures and academic stuff will be hosted on central server and the users will use the application on their client devices through internet using provided interfaces. Note that application should be secure enough and personal data of any student or teacher should not be exposed. It should further be noted that all the videos should be played in “.mp4” format with 360p resolution only. However, application should be robust enough so that in case if we want to integrate any other video format in future, we could do it with minimum efforts.
    Question No. 1 (15+15 =30 marks)
    For the case study given above:

    1. Perform horizontal decomposition, i.e. identify subsystems and their relationships. Draw complete diagram showing these subsystems and the relationships between them.
    2. Perform vertical decomposition i.e. identify layers and the components in each layer. Draw complete diagram.
      Note: you can use any notation.
      Question No. 2 (20 marks)
      Read the paper titled “Optimization of Object-Oriented Design using Coupling Metrics” given in the same assignment folder and perform critical analysis i.e. identify and mention the plus points and weak points of the paper.
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