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    Assignment 01
    Semester Spring 2020
    PSY619-Final Project
    Proposal for project
    Please read the following instructions carefully before writing the proposal:
     You are required to select any one from the given options i.e. Project.
     Write a proposal for project whichever you selected, according to the
    format uploaded on VULMS.
     You have to submit the proposal by uploading it against Assignment # 1 on VULMS within due date.
     The Assignment # 1 - Proposal for project is COMPULSORY which shall be evaluated to determine the validity of the proposal.
     It is required to submit the proposal (not only the topic) according to the specified format as per notified schedule.
     A valid proposal (approved by the Instructor) is a MUST to proceed for the final project. Therefore, you are advised to follow the instructions carefully and submit a quality proposal.
     The proposal for project should be strictly according to the format uploaded on VULMS.
     Make sure that you upload the proposal before due date. No submission will be entertained through E-mail.
     Be very careful while uploading your proposal as you shall not be able to replace it once uploaded.
     You are advised to read all the published announcements of this course for better understanding regarding this course and its requirements.
     Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Any evidence of plagiarism (if found) shall be strictly dealt as per “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY” of the

    Assignment 01
    Semester Spring 2020
    PSY619-Final Project
    University. (Read the Plagiarism Sensitization Document available in the DOWNLOADS section of the course VULMS).

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