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    Design Document

    Version 1.0

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    Table of Contents

    1. Introduction of Design Document

    2. Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)

    3. Sequence Diagrams

    4. Architecture Design Diagram

    5. Class Diagram

    6. Database Design

    7. Interface Design

    8. Test Cases

    9. Introduction of Design Document
      <Write here in detail about what you have included in this document and also write about the benefits and purpose of this phase in a software development project >

    10. Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) (To be developed using Microsoft Visio or any other drawing software of your choice)
      <Provide Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of your system>

    11. Sequence Diagrams (To be developed using Rational Rose or any other drawing software of your choice)
      <Provide Sequence Diagrams for each of the use case to show the task sequence of the system, Provide a sequence diagram for each of the use case provided in use case diagram>

    12. Architecture Design Diagram
      <Provide a Tiered Architecture of the system>

    13. Class Diagram

    <Provide Class Diagram of the system>

    1. Database Design

    <Provide Database Design Diagram of the system>

    1. Interface Design

    <Provide here the screenshots (GUI) of the system (Provide 3 or 4 main GUIs/interfaces, to show the most important features of the application as you are visualizing your application to be, in actual development phase. You can update these GUIs in Final Report and Final Presentation, in case they are changed after the actual development.>

    1. Test Cases

    <Provide test cases for each use case scenario>

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