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    Project Domain / Category
    Desktop Application

    Abstract / Introduction

    Prison management system can be used to save the records of prisoners and the guards. This system can be used by Jailor and the Admin. Jailor can log in as a user and can do the following tasks:

    • Add the details of prisoners like name, age, address, crime and punishment.
    • Add the details about the different guards that are on duty.
    • Change attributes like time shift duty hours of guards.
    • Write the First Information Report and save it. FIR’s date, time, number and details can be seen anytime if required by the registered user. Whereas, a unique id is given to every FIR as required and also a unique number is assigned to a prisoner.

    Admin can only add or delete the Jailor. Not only this, but this system can also tell when a prisoner’s punishment period gets over or when they can be released. For tracking a prisoner later on by the government, this system will not provide any delete option for a prisoner’s record that will also help in getting information about a specific prisoner later on.

    Functional Requirements:

    We have two panels in this system one for admin and the other one for Jailor. While some other interfaces are:
    • Registration:
    User needs to be registered in the system so that he can use the system and add the prisoner’s details, change the guard’s duty shift etc.
    • Login:
    Login interface will allow a particular user to login to the system and use other interfaces.
    • Writing FIR:
    In this interface, Jailor will write First Information Report and assign it a unique complaint number and other details like date, time and location.

    • Adding Prisoner:
    This feature will add all the details of a criminal like name, address, age, criminal number, crime and the punishment in the system, as soon as he/she gets declared guilty by the court. And these details can never be deleted.
    • Adding and Deleting Guards:
    This requirement will let us add or delete the details about the guards of prison. Like if government transfers any new guard to a specific jail then our jailor will add his details, similarly upon transferring of some specific guard our jailor will delete his details from the system. Guard details will include: guard name, age, address, shift and duty hours so that details of any guard can be checked.

    C#, Visual Studio, Sql Server

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