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    Project Domain / Category
    Web Application

    Abstract / Introduction
    This project “Online Examination System” aims to conduct examinations in an efficient manner. The main objective of the proposed project is to efficiently evaluate the candidates through a fully automated system that requires less human effort and is more accurate and less time-consuming.

    After implementing Online Examination System, examinations will not be limited to four walls of a classroom, but students can take their exams from anywhere using Internet.

    This project contains two modules namely administrator, and user. The control for all the process of the examination belongs to the administrator module.

    Functional Requirements:
    Admin Side

    1. Login for Admin
    2. Admin can create new Online Exam with Edit and Delete feature
    3. Admin can add Question in Exam as per defined criteria
    4. Admin can view all Exam Question with Edit and Delete operation
    5. Admin can view all user data registered for Online Examination System
    6. Admin can view all user data enrolled for a particular exam
    7. Admin can view individual user exam result on web page and in PDF format
    8. Admin can view overall result of exam with user rank on web page and in PDF format
      User Side
    9. New User Registration for Online Examination with Confirmation Email Feature
    10. User can Login into System using Email ID and Password
    11. User can manage his or her profile details
    12. User can change his or her password
    13. User can view available examination list
    14. User can enroll into examination
    15. User can appear in online examination at the selected date and time
    16. User can view the history of his/her registered exam
    17. User can view the exam result on Web page and in PDF format also.

    HTML 5, PHP 5.6, jQuery Datatable Plugin, Mysql, Xampp Server.

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