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    Mobile Application

    Abstract / Introduction

    Allah’s Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “There is none amongst the Muslims who plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, but is regarded as a charitable gift for him.” – Sahih Al-Bukhari (Hadith: 2320)

    If you love gardening but often face situations when you want to plant something but are stuck with limited space at your home yard. Or you find some seeds of your favorite flower but can’t do anything because you don’t know about plantation technique or post plantation care. Don’t be afraid, we have a best gardening app which will do that job for you; imagine how fun harvesting your own fruits and vegetables will be! Gardening is awesome!!!

    Home Gardening App is an Android based mobile application for your gardening solutions which helps to harvest your own flowers, vines, fruits, vegetables and herbs etc. in your house at a very small space. It contains very useful information about cultivation practices, like choosing best varieties, right sowing depth, suitable harvesting periods and helpful tips for taking care of plants etc.

    Functional Requirements:

    Functional requirements for Home Gardening App are as follows;
    I. Minimum Plants: There should be at least 50 small scale home based plants; all must be properly categorised like Flowers, Vines, Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs etc.
    II. Firebase Real-Time Database: It is needed to store all plants data in JSON form on Firebase Real-Time Database.
    III. Registered Users: Only registered users can view gardening ideas. So provide registration and as well as login interfaces; store users’ credentials on Firebase Real-Time Database in an encrypted form.
    IV. Plants List: All plants data, after syncing with Firebase Real-Time Database, should be displayed to user in a sorted manner in ascending or descending order with respect to their title or category.
    V. Search Option: Search option is must, so that user could search any information regarding plants of his/her choice. It is also needed to provide voice search feature as well.
    VI. Plant Detail: Each plant must have complete information like proper title, description, category, species, when to plant, where to plant, how to plant, care (watering & feeding tips), harvesting, storage details and photos etc.
    VII. My Garden: Any plant could be marked as favourite (i.e. should be saved in My Garden) so that it could be viewed later and also provide option to remove any favourite from My Garden.
    VIII. Custom Notes: User should be able to add custom notes to any plant to record best varieties and successes & failures; these must be uploaded to Firebase Real-Time Database and should visible to other users as well.
    IX. Alarms/Notifications: It would allow user to set alarm and get timely reminders to keep plants alive by watering and feeding them fertilizers.
    X. Backup Feature: User should be fascinated by giving backup option; all My Garden’s plants must be stored/retrieved to/from Firebase Real-Time Database in an encrypted form.


    1. IDE: Android Studio
    2. Programming Language: Java/Kotlin
    3. Databases: Firebase Real-Time Database & SQLite/Room
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