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    Online Grocery and Household Management System

    Project Domain / Category
    Web Application

    As life is much busy in this digital era and its very hard to manage / control even remember household (billings / payments) and grocery. It’s also very hard to keep track and have a report / summary of expense along with comparison with previous months. So, here we are trying to design and develop a web-based solution to cater these issues. We also try to develop few reports that would help users of this system / solution to keep track the changes in term of expense and quantity / quality of services / items.

    Functional Requirements / Salient Features:
    This system will have the following features:

    • User is registered to this web portal / web site
    • There’s only one Admin to this web site
    • Admin will validate the user and in future also will manage users in term of block user, reset user password and even delete user
    • Admin would not involve in any of the transactions or entries in the system
    • User would have to enter his income resource (s) and his/her monthly income
    • User would allow to enter main categories / heads of his / her household expenses
    • For each month, values / amount against these heads would be changed. E.g. Electricity, Gas, Water, Grocery and Sanitation etc.
    • User would also be facilitated to maintain a standard list for grocery that would replicate each month when user would enter details of his/her grocery. Sample example along with detail is as under;
      Cooking Oil – Habib Cooking Oil – 1kg Packing – 220 per KG - Purchase 5 pouches – 1100 total cost
    • The list can be altered at the time of entry but these changes / update in grocery items would only reflect in respective month’s grocery details
    • Changes in grocery item would only be saved for future use when changes would be made in standard grocery item list
    • Grocery list may vary from user to user and total control of list / expense heads would be in user’s hands

    Required Reports:
    1- Custom Expense report (Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly)
    2- High frequency expenses in custom monthly report
    3- Expense Segregation report based on grocery items / heads
    a- (Text based)
    b- (Chart based)
    Server-side programming language: PHP, HTML and CSS
    Client-side scripting: JavaScript and jQuery
    Database: MYSQL
    IDE: PHP Storm
    Reporting Tool: Kool Report ( www.koolreport.com )
    Local host Server: WAMP / XAMPP

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