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    Project Domain / Category
    Mobile Application

    Abstract / Introduction

    These days work from home mode is increasing in some companies and they need to manage their employees remotely. So project manager and HR managers need to use such a mobile App that provides a new way to manage attendance, leave application and daily task in a quick and easy way.

    Functional Requirements:

    1. User will be able to access mobile app through secure Login screen to use it.
    2. Check In/ Check Out for working hours attendance by clicking button, thumb impression not required for attendance marking.
    3. Employee can apply for Leave through mobile App, employee can easily check own report as well as colleague report working under him/her.
    4. Push Notification: Manager/Supervisor will get notification if any colleague working under, send any leave application.
    5. Employee can manage Project Tasks in mobile app, manager/supervisor can send daily task report easily.
    6. Admin can manage all users and employees and their settings.
      Android Studio as IDE, Java, PHP for APIs and MySQL, PostgreSQL , MariaDB, SQLite, FireBase for database.

    Note: Do not take any kind of guidance or help from your campus staff, senior students or any fake instructor at campus, contact to your supervisor directly via skype or email given above in case of any guidance or help. Mostly students are misguided by the non-official persons for final project or senior students and ultimately they get fail in the project.

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