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    Spring 2020
    Dear Students,
    Assignment # 01 Selection of Topic
    Hope you are getting yourself familiar with the course pre-requisites and course contents!
    This course is based on interrelated activities and you need to follow the step wise procedure for this course. You will be provided detailed guidelines at each level of the course.
    The first activity is to decide your Research Topic by consulting different sources. You can choose any topic of your interest from the area of specialization. You are free to play on the field of research playground while selecting topic but keep in mind the following tips for choosing or selecting the topic.
    Topic must have the following features:
     The selected topic should be linked with the developed theory in order to gain sufficient literature support.
     You should also be able to identify variables of study from your research topic.
     The selected topic should be related to real problems of your area of specialization so that
    you can apply the results which will enhance the significance of your research study.
     You should choose the topic on which you can collect or access the data easily.
     If you have already conducted any research in your previous academic career then you can extend this research also in current course.
     The selected topic should be SMART;
     Specific: You must narrow down the area of interest in something manageable (Broader topics will lead you nowhere and too narrow ones will limit the significance of your study).
     Measurable: Think big but not too big! The concept in the study must be empirically measurable and analyzed through the statistical techniques.
     Achievable: Your topic must address those questions that are achievable in the lieu time and resources you are provided with.
     Relevant: It must be relevant to the area of specialization and your area of interest.
     Timely: You must cope up with the time frame available to you in the course. We have designed the course in a series and allocated adequate time to the student to complete the series of activities accordingly. Manage your time well so that you can complete the research in timely manner!

    Spring 2020 RTS720
    You are required to provide us with a research thesis topic. The draft should give an overview of your research and may reflect your knowledge and interest about the topic. The topic should be unique and significant. To prepare an effective draft, bear the following points in mind:
     Be aware of your interest in any dimension of your subject
     Choose a topic that is relevant to your field
     Your research should be unique so don’t choose a topic that has already been explored
     Read at least 10 to 15 recent research papers relevant to your field (topic). It will
    help you to choose the right topic, its variables as well as future implications will let you understand what contribution you can make and in which direction you can move keeping the previous researches in context.
    Once you understand what you want to do, prepare a one page draft by incorporating the following points:
    a. Name of Student and VU Student ID
    b. Area of Specialization
    c. Topic of Research
    d. Brief introduction on the selected topic (This section must include research
    gap, problem statement, significance and sector to be studied)
    Wish you Best of Luck

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