• The Holy month of Ramadan is finally here! During fasting month, our body and skin undergo many changes and for this reason you would like to require extra care of your skin. As a makeup artist, I’m a firm believer on taking care of our skin as great makeup starts with healthy glowing skin. If you specialise in your skin care, you won’t need much filters to hide it all with makeup.

    In the month of Ramadan, our skin tends to urge dehydrated quicker than usual. Fasting during the summer or winter can cause dryness and lack of moisture to the skin — Skin care in Ramadan is extremely important to possess a fresh look all day long so you are doing not look wearied bent your family and friends.

    We’ve lined up 5 easy tips keep your skin healthy and happy through out the whole month of Ramadan :)

    a) Drink many Water

    If your body is lacking water and hydration, or is malnourished, then your skin will look dull and dehydrated. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking many water is crucial during the month of Ramadan. Limit yourself on the caffeine intake, no juices and sodas as they’re very dehydrating to your body. it’s recommended to a minimum of drink 8–10 glass of water between iftar (the post-sunset breaking fast meal) and suhoor (the pre-dawn meal).

    Try to drink detox water, infused with cucumber, mint and lemon. this may hydrate the skin instantly with powerful vitamins — you’ll be getting vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, vitamin Bc , Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc.

    b) Skin Care

    Besides lack of water, skin care regime during Ramadan is extremely important. The skin loses moisture due environmental conditions, aggressive cleansing & toning product and bad lifestyle choices. attempt to exfoliate and moisturise regularly and not using skin toner that contain alcohol and fragrance. ( Ps : Alcohol is that the substance which will strips out the skin natural oils and dehydrates more the skin) Always lookout of the eyes from dark circle which will cause you to looking tired and dull. Dark circles may easily appear during the month thanks to changes in your sleeping patterns.

    Allow yourself to possess around eight hours of sleep per day, apply a thick eye cream and place some cucumbers on the eyes to scale back the dark circles.

    c) Eat Good Food

    Always opt in fruits and vegetables intake during the month of Ramadan. Most of fruits and vegetables contain 90% water which will cause you to stay hydrated. They also offer additional advantage of fibre, vitamins, minerals also as antioxidants. Your skin will certainly looking glow from their hydration and nutrient benefits.

    These are the fruits and vegetables that are great for fasting month :

    • Berries

    • Lemons

    • Watermelons

    • Cucumber

    • Kale

    • Tomatoes

    • Spinach

    • Grapes

    • Broccoli

    Also to not forget to balance your diet with protein intake ( eg, salmon, eggs, chicken) and non processed carbs ( eg. potatoes / sweet potatoes) — Limit your intake of those foods, like crisps, nutriment and lots of packaged foods — canned soups, frozen pizza, processed meat and canned vegetables.

    d) Exercise

    For some, it are often tough enough getting through their day including finding the energy and motivation to specialise in their physical activity. Ramadan may be a time of focus and reflection so it’s an excellent time to plan your health and goals which will work for you.

    Many people ditch exercise during Ramadan that would create huge setbacks to their health and will cause the event of varied quite chronic conditions.

    Some of other benefits on exercising during fasting :

    Restoring insulin sensitivity and nutrient partitioning, especially in those folks susceptible to snack on sugary foods throughout the day.
    Producing a calorie deficit which is right for those looking to scale back their body fat percentage (which is all folks right?)
    Lowering vital sign , oxidative stress and even the danger of developing some cancers.
    Finally, it requires discipline and mental strength, something we will always use more of.

    You can easily break the sweat by doing short workouts for about 45 minutes, 3–4 times every week . If you’re concern about losing weight, you’ll do light cardio exercises — walking or cycling. this may help burning calories and improve full body stretching and adaptability .

    Notes : confirm you drink many water as overtraining can cause injury thanks to lack of nutrients and dehydration.

    e) Catch abreast of Sleeps

    During Ramadan your sleeping schedule is probably going to be disrupted enough because it is, awakening early to eat before sunrise and staying up late to refill on calories and nutrients you’ve omitted on during the day.

    Knowing this you ought to make a conscious effort to urge in the maximum amount sleep as possible. If your working hours permit then take a nap after work and before Iftar to undertake and obtain in as on the brink of the perfect 8 hours each day as possible.

    Not getting enough sleeps can contribute to lower energy and worsen your concentration. it’s during sleep that growth hormones are released that repair the skin and muscle tissue.

    Take a glance on these and see if there’s any changes on your skin. For extra skin protection, don’t forget to use SPF sunscreen during the day for anti aging benefits :) Ramadan Kareem to you all!

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